Our First Look At Evangeline Lilly’s Son Kahekili Kali!

His name and face have been revealed!

Lost alum Evangeline Lilly was spotted walking with her 5-month-old son Kahekili Kali and her boyfriend Norman Kali around the streets of Vancouver, Canada on Saturday (October 22).

Little Kahekili – who had a head start on Halloween in his adorable dragon suit – got a ride on his mama’s chest as the happy family strolled the streets of Vancouver, stopping to watch some local artists carve pumpkins.

The Canadian actress – who had has kept her son’s name under wraps since his birth in
May – named her first born son after the Hawaiian term for thunder, which seems appropriate since she delivered him “outside in a thunderstorm.”

Be sure to check out Evangeline in the movie Real Steel in theaters now!

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Photo credit: GSI Media

  • Sophia

    Such a beautiful baby and mama! I think Kahekili looks like Evangeline 🙂 His name is a bit of a mouthful but I think it’s lovely they gave him a Hawaiian name. Especially one that means thunder for a boy born outside in a storm. Perfect!

  • Anonymous

    What a darling boy with a ridiculous name!

  • Anonymous

    Cute baby but another crazy celebrity kid name.

  • Tanya

    Beautiful baby and gorgeous mama. But that name will look crazy on a resume, college application or anything remotely official. Even if you shortened it… its still Kahe Kali or Kili Kali. I’m all for names that honor your heritage, but this one is just …not good. Very not good.

  • Anonymous2

    I wonder if he will be called Kahekili Lilly Kali 🙂

  • Anonymous

    If the child is raised in Hawaii where his father is from and where Evangeline, I highly doubt his name would be an issue on official records.

  • Jennifer Lynn Baron

    It’s so nice to see a celebrity using a proper babycarrier! I can’t believe how many I see still using baby bjorn crotch danglers.

  • Ashley

    What a beautiful little baby! So happy for Evangeline!

  • Anonymous

    I love his name- unless i’m pronouncing it wrong- does anyone know how to spell it phonetically? i don’t think it’s a ridiculous name though, its hawaiian?

  • Larissa

    He looks just like his mom!!

  • Anonymous 2

    It’s so obnoxious when people assume a name is “weird” “crazy” just because they are not familiar with it. The name is Hawaiian. Get over yourselves.

  • Anonymous

    Evangeline never confirmed his name was Kahekili. That’s silly to jump to conclusions like that. Halulu and Hekili are two other Hawaiian names that mean “thunder”!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Good pictures, but she doesn’t look terribly happy about them being taken.

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