Jessica Alba & Family Take A New York Minute

Spy Kids beauty Jessica Alba was spotted taking a stroll through the Soho area of New York City on Sunday (October 23) with her husband Cash Warren and her darling daughter Honor, 3.

The Alba-Warren clan – with 2-month-old Haven nestled in the bottom portion of the stroller – had some help navigating the city from family and friends as they stopped at a local toy shop and then headed out for some sight seeing.

The family-of-four was recently spotted enjoying the Halloween festivities at the Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch in Los Angeles, Calif.

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Photo credit: Fame

  • klutzy_girl

    Haven is with them – She’s clearly in the back part of the double stroller, behind Honor.

  • Anonymous

    Haven was with them…they have the double stroller and she’s at the bottom.

  • Anonymous

    Little Haven is there, she’s just underneath Honor in the 2 seater stroller, it was on another site 🙂

  • Crystal

    Haven is there – she’s in the car seat under Honor (the bottom part of the stroller).

  • Crystal

    Haven is there – she is in the car seat behind Honor (the bottom of the stroller).

  • Anonymous

    Haven is in the baby seat under Honor in the stroller.

  • karen

    Wow, Jessica and her mom are very similar (hair colour notwithstanding) – facial features, colouring, build, there is no question they are mother and daughter.

    • Elena

      Really? I see very little, if nothing of her mum in Jessica.

  • Anonymous

    Are you people blind?!?!?!? Haven is clearly visible in the pumpkin seat on the bottom level of the stroller . . . . .

  • Anonymous

    Correction!!- You can see Haven in the bottom of this DOUBLE buggie! The whole family is there 🙂

  • Anonymous

    It looks like Haven is in the car seat in the bottom of the stroller?? Who makes that stroller it looks real easy to manouver and sturdy.

    • Mae’s Mom

      That is a Britax Be Ready. I have it and it’s GREAT!

  • Anonymous

    Baby haven is there! its a double buggy and shes underneath! study the pictures better! haha
    cute tho

  • Anonymous

    isn’t haven sitting underneath honor?

  • Anonymous

    Look at picture 4! Actually, Haven was with them.

  • Erika

    Haven is in the bottom part of the stroller.

  • Erika

    Haven is in the bottom part of the stroller.

  • Nina D.

    Aww!!! Jessica looks so happy! ღ

  • Tanya

    Geez people. We get it. Haven was there. Jesus.

    • SARA

      LOL, FOR REAL!!! Sheesh. 16 comments with the exact same posting. READ before you post, people.

  • Europa

    Well thanks for pointing that out. I didn’t even notice!

  • Lucia R

    Wow, don’t you all read the previous comments before posting? We get it! Haven is in the bottom of the stroller!!!!

    • Anon

      Tara and Sara gave the same remark as you prior. Reading the previous comments yourself eh?

      • t


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