Jessica Simpson’s Black Bump?

A picture says a thousand words…

Jessica Simpson made a quick stop at a gas station in California on Friday (October 21) to use the restroom. The singer – who has remained mum on the ongoing pregnancy reports – revealed her growing belly under a black maxi dress and baggy sweater.

On Thursday, the 31-year-old singer was seen resting her hands on her tummy as she got out of her limo in Los Angeles. And the day before, the I Think I’m In Love With You singer and her fiance Eric Johnson were seen leaving a steakhouse in L.A.

Rumored to be pregnant and expecting a girl, Jessica has yet to confirm or deny the baby bump speculation.

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  • Shirelle

    She is definitely pregnant!

    • Anonymous

      The bumpiness of her stomach here looks weird. She looks way more pregnant in the other photos posted earlier, from at the airport.

  • Anonymous

    I get the privacy aspect but I think she’s causing more attention to herself by not saying anything! Yes, I’m pregnant so please respect our privacy! I think she’ll give birth early next year 🙂 Best of luck to them on a healthy pregnancy & baby.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, yes! There’s no question. Especially in the pics where her hands are on her belly. Non-pregnant people usually don’t cradle their belly like that with their hands.

  • AvaElizabeth

    don’t like her.

  • Anonymous

    Ok, she’s pregnant. Let’s stop speculating. I don’t know why she didn’t say something earlier; she’s not exactly known as a celebrity who cherishes her privacy. She likely was looking for a magazine deal to announce it but unfortunately for her, she’s probably missed the opportunity. No magazine will pay big bucks to announce something that’s not a surprise to anyone.

  • Anon

    Pregnant? Probably. Lumpy and dumpy- definitely! And for the sake of your own saggy boobs- put on a freaking bra! WTH? I know she is rich and stupid…but really??

  • Sandy Eve

    you do realize that if she hasn’t said anything it’s maybe because she is not pregnant, but has a tumor or smtng? i hope she’s ok and very much pregnant than the latter, but still… or she might be superstitious, who knows?

  • homemoma

    oh, i do hope she is preggo. love her!

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