Gisele Bündchen On Babies, Breastfeeding & Keeping Fit

Supermodel mom Gisele Bündchen, who has 1 1/2-year-old son Benjamin and 4-year-old stepson Jack with her NFL hubby Tom Brady, strikes a pose on the colorful cover of Vogue UK‘s November issue. In the interview, the outspoken beauty covers everything from birth to breastfeeding to her new hometown of Boston – and also reveals the secret behind her killer post-baby body.

On breastfeeding: “Well, it’s a personal decision. You have to honour what feels right and, for me, it was never even an option I’d do it otherwise. I mean, isn’t that what our bodies are meant to do? Isn’t that the great thing about being a woman? It’s funny, I only realised it when I saw the videotape afterwards, but I was actually ‘omming’ during the [birthing] process. The closest thing I could compare it to is an out-of-body experience — but I guess people who don’t meditate wouldn’t really know what that means.”

On her healthy eaters: “My children, they are like white canvases. When Benjamin eats broccoli, he thinks it’s dessert!”

On calling Boston home: “I’m a Cancer, see. I’m home-loving. I really enjoy feeling safe, in my own environment, surrounded by the people I love … This place — it’s my oasis. The kung fu I do here, the t’ai chi, it’s like a metaphor for my life … Y’know, my eldest, Jack [as her stepson, John, is called], he’s gonna be starting [kung fu] this fall.”

On her amazing figure: “Yeah, well. Like I tell my five sisters, who don’t work at it very hard at all, whatever you put in, you get out. I’m not afraid of working hard at anything, whatever it is. I just always want to be the best that I can.”

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  1. Anonymous

    oh boy, here we go again…”My eldest”? how about “My stepson”…geez, she’s as bad as Leann Rimes

  2. Anonymous

    Something about her just rubs me the wrong way.

  3. Anon

    She is just SO irritating! She thinks she’s SO superior and she is just so UGLY on the inside! I personally don’t find her outside attractive either..but apparently other people do. Whatever it is about her, she’s a model who should just pose and shut the hell up!

    • Janna

      Has it occurred to you that maybe (depending on your definition) she IS superior?

      It always makes me laugh when people say that models or celebrities or musicians should just shut up and do their job (acting, posing, playing). I assume that you have a job/career as well. Why don’t you just do it and shut up as well? Why can YOU have an opinion, but not them?

    • Anonymous

      I agree. She grates on my nerves so bad. Just as I think I couldn’t dislike her anymore, I see another one of her interviews and they always rub me the wrong way. She seems really conceited.

  4. Anonymous

    She has a chip missing somewhere, she loves herself way too much.

  5. Anonymous

    I guess people who don’t meditate wouldn’t know what that meant. I will say it is a good thing she doesn’t get paid on her answers and personality and just on her looks and leave it at that.

  6. Anonymous

    doesn’t she have a PR person yet? Why are they letting her do interviews??

  7. Anonymous

    I find her comments annoying as well and often offensive, but I think it is sweet that she refers to Jack as “her eldest.” It shows she loves both boys just the same, even if she did not birth him. I think Jack is lucky to have 3 loving parents, instead of just 2 and another person who treats him as a second class child

  8. Anonymous

    While I find leann to be absolutely repulsive, I don’t mind Gisele making these comments as much. Leann was a homewrecker, while Gisele didn’t become involved with Tom until after he and Bridget’s relationship was over. At lease Gisele treats Jack like her son and not her step-son, I think that is nice. I think she means well.

  9. Anonymous

    I want to slap this woman

  10. Janna

    I will never understand why people are so bothered by this woman. In every interview, she is asked about HER life, HER views, HER family, HER body, HER secrets to success. Then when she talks about that and what works for HER, everyone is so offended.

    Just for the record, I don’t meditate so I have no idea what “out of body experience” she’s talking about either, but I’m not going to lose sleep over it either. That was HER experience. Hey, good for her! We should all be so lucky.

    She’s an incredibly lucky, lucky woman. Great body, great husband, great son, great step-son, great career, great life. Oh wait, I think I just figured out everyone’s problem with her…..

    So why does what she says and her opinions on things like breastfeeding rankle YOU so much?

  11. Carey

    I can’t stand Gisele but like everyone else I enjoy the turmoils she causes with her stupidity.

    Gisele must be doing something right because she makes loads of money and she has the power to control people to buy any product she promotes. If people didn’t enjoy Gisele they wouldn’t give her so much.

    She appears here once in a while and everytime you see people falling over themelves to comment about her. CBS knows that Gisele is very hot topic to chat about.

    You all call Gisele dumb but looks like no one have read the original interview without the modifications made by CBS. So there are people dumber than Gisele.

  12. Isabel

    If I was Bridget M I would ban her from spending time with her son. Gisele is such a Bi$$$, ah, I cannot stand her! Where is her respect! What an ignorent human being.

  13. Anonymous

    I love how she thinks of Jack as her own – I think she could never make you criticizers happy either way; if she would always refer to him as her stepson some people would say “she doesn’t love him unconditionally as she should!”

  14. lilseraph

    she is a person that speaks her mind, i see nothing wrong with that.

  15. Country girl

    Meow! seems like there is a lot of jealously out there concerning her. I think she is stunning and a nice person as well. She is lucky to have such an amazing life with a gorgeous husband and son. Dont hold it against her!

  16. Anonymous

    She is such a liar in her first interview about breastfeeding she said all women who don’t breastfeed their babies should be thrown in jail and NOW all of a sudden she says it’s a personal choice. Yeah she DOES care what we say about her or else she wouldn’t of changed her tune so soon. She is such a fake and not someone at all to look up too. She says the dumbest things ever. It’s soo sad she even has children they are being raised by this dumb women it’s almost child abuse she’s so dumb.

  17. SMH

    The only comment that rubbed me the wrong way was the meditation comment it just seemed so snarky like “I’m better then everyone bc I do this and if they did this then they would be better too!” She speaks her mind but sometimes there is a time and a place and maybe not always publicly where it can and will offend other women. We know her views on breastfeeding from the last controversial magazine article. Most women know that breast is best but guess what some women don’t care and Gisele it’s okay to not think your body is designed to do what you think it’s soley there for. To each their own.

    • Anonymous 2

      You know, I think this is the perfect comment. I’m not as angered at her as others are. And even agree on a few things she’s said (healthy eating and breast feeding). But she’s so full of herself. It is quite obnoxious.

  18. Anonymous

    Gosh it’s so terrible when a stepmother loves her stepson as if he were her own. It would be so much better if she just ignored him and pretended he didn’t exist, and was not as important as her biological son.

  19. Anonymous

    WHAT? I don’t think teaching her kid to eat right is bad, it is admirable, and whatever about her step son, some people find her offensive some people don’t – I personally don’t but I have no personal situation to compare it to, but OMG about her sisters not working hard and that people who do not meditate cannot comprehend an out of body experience during childbirth.

  20. jacquie109

    So it’s ok for everyone else to have an opinion and talk out the a$$e$ about them, but it’s not ok for a super model, who is also a mother, step mother, wife, and woman, to talk about her opinions? Do you think everyone else in the world would be less “annoyed” by YOUR opinions if you did an interview?
    All the people who are so annoyed by this womans opinions should realize that they are just that, HER opinions.
    Also SERIOUSLY, what is so wrong about this woman loving, caring for, and considering her step son her child. I know that none of you “perfect” people have ever been touched by divorce and you’ve never seen a step parent of a child raise them as their own. My god that would be horrible and degrading that that childs biological mother. “OH NO, she actually cares for my child, I wish she’d hate him and want nothing to do with him so I had a reason to whine about how aweful life is.” GET REAL

  21. BRYNN1880

    People talk like Bridget is a good mother.please people!It was all about the man and NEVER about the child,she never dreamed about motherhood she just wanted the publicity that she would’ve got if she was mrs. tom brady/tom brady’s baby mama,she just used that she has a boyfriend a tv show she does not care about her son that much.we never see pics of bridget alone w/ her son,but we do see pics of her w/ mcg or with her son and people bridget does not care about what gisele says about jack because she is not so crazy about him,you haters should be happy that the boy has a caring mother figure in gisele.

    • Brynn

      Can you please refrain from using my email name on this website and on Just Jared and whatever other websites you frequent. It is kind of creepy. I live in Boston and read the Boston Herald sometimes I don’t know why you keep using my email name on websites and I have people asking me why I am posting things when I am not. Thank you it is much appreciated.

      • Anonymous

        Has it occurred to you that it might actually be the other poster’s name, too? I doubt you are the only Brynn on the planet. Sheesh.

        • Brynn

          Well my usernamer for the Boston Herald and my email address is Brynn1880, I am also certain I am not the only Brynn in the world but I am certain that I am the only person that would have come up with Brynn1880. Had I known that commenting on the principal at the Somerville elementary school taking away Halloween and Thanksgiving two weeks ago would have led to THIS I would have never made a comment.

          • Anonymous

            Sweetheart, nobody knows what the h@ll you’re talking about. The principal of Somerville elementary school? Huh? What the h@ll does that mean? Did you forget you’re on a baby blog site?

            You don’t have a claim to a username. Period. You don’t like that someone elses is the same or similar? Change YOURS.

          • Anonymous

            Come on, man. I would be pissed if someone was using the first part of my email address and or username on other websites, you would be too. It’s not cool – and you know it. It is highly unlikely that someone who appears to post messages on blogs about Gisele Bundchen would also have just randomly came up with the same name and number sequence by chance as someone named Brynn who lives in Boston which is the same city Gisele lives in. Think about it. Obviously the one saw the username and copied it which isn’t cool especially if it is being used as an email address. I can’t STAND people who do crap like this. It’s shady, stupid, and a waste of everyone’s time. Why would you try to impersonate someone, what good is going to come from it? The real Brynn shouldn’t have to change all of her stuff because something like this. She asked politely for whomever to stop using it and gave a really legit and understandable reason why and then you defend the person who is causing trouble and then you insult and belittle the woman who apparently by no fault of her own had someone steal her online identity. Get real you are no better than the schmuck who is using her name. NOW for the main reason why I came on here GISELE looks AMAZING!!!! Those pants are insane!!!!! Love her!!!!!!

          • Peg from Ashford

            I would agree with this comment 100%. It is absolute rubbish to do this to another person. I feel bad for the poor girl who now has to answer for another person’s comments as if they were her own.

          • Anonymous

            Oh my god, did I go to sleep and wake up back in junior high? All of you need to grow up.

          • Peg from Ashford

            I don’t see anything wrong with asking another person to stop using email address name that does not belong to them, the girl has every right to ask someone to stop especially since it looks like people think they are actually her comments. It is sad that it even got that far and she even had to ask.

          • Anonymous

            The only person who needs to stop is the idiot who is causing problems by stealing someone’s online identity. You have to be pretty messed up in the head to continue to do something like that.

    • Victoria

      Newsflash Bridget didn’t get her ownself pregnant, not every woman dreams of being a mother and there is nothing wrong with that, we hardly see any pictures of Bridget floating around and if she is with her boyfriend and her son at the same time, it’s because she and her boyfriend are in a serious relationship.

      • Carey

        Bridget didn’t got herself pregnant alone, obviously. But she did plan the pregnancy and the announcement of it to all the world.
        Bridget isn’t famous for her work, her fame is due to her personal relationships. Paparazzies do not go after Bridget because the public is not interested in her life. Pictures of her only appear when there’s something related to Jack, Tom or Gisele now her actual boyfriend is also another reason.
        One proof of how much Gisele is important to Bridget’s popularity is this site we are in, everytime anything Gisele is posted the name of Bridget is mentioned by a Bridget’s fan in a comment about Gisele.

        • shockadelica

          Bridget isn’t famous for her work?! look @ her resume!+ what she did as a model before she was an actress! And btw everytime I read an article w/ Giselle that mentions her son w/ Brady, Bridget’s name is mentioned!
          And one more thing Both Bridget/Tom have publicly said they didn’t know she was pregnant when they broke up and she was already over two months along! So she didn’t plan ANYTHING!!!! WOW!!

  22. BRYNN1880


    • Anonymous

      After reading the comments on here, I have to agree with everyone else and say you seriously need to grow the f up. You stole someones online identity and think you are cute, congrats that makes you the epitome of LOSER.

  23. Anonymous

    Leave Gisele alone people, this is taken completely out of context.

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