Jennifer Garner: Smilin’ In Santa Monica

Jennifer Garner arrived at an office building in Santa Monica, Calif. on Tuesday (October 25) looking in a great mood while on the phone. Her maternity style consisted of mostly dark colors and boots.

Was she signing more movie deals? It could be. There’s no stopping the actress from working. She’s already set to star in a new film called Back Roads.

In the meantime, she’s just relishing her pregnancy and enjoying time with her kids.

Just yesterday we spotted Jennifer with Seraphina getting Starbucks drinks.

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Photo credit: Fame/GSI Media

  • Anonymous

    She looks really pretty. Pregnancy really suits her.

  • audy


  • Anonymous

    Daddy Ben was a T the Hollywood Awards on the Weekend! He looked great!
    In his suit and he had dyed his hair dark brown and trimmed his beard. Wow!
    Now both of them look great! Thanks!

  • Molly

    She is really mousy.

    • Janna

      That’s your definition of “mousy”? LOL

      • Molly

        Yes she has mousy written all over her. She’s pale. Her hair color is just so blah. Needs some vibrance to it.

        • NYC Mommy

          Molly- although I dont agree with your mousey comment. I can let you know that most pregnant woman do NOT color their hair due to chemicals.

        • Anonymous

          I hope everyone pays attention to comments like this. It is not MEN who cause women to do stupid sh*t to their faces and bodies, it’s other WOMEN who judge every damn thing.

          She’s pale?!?! Are you freaking kidding me?!?! That’s what color she is. Should she dump on 6 pounds of fake tanner? Or maybe she should lay in the sun or a tanning bed (while pregnant no less) so that she’s a better color for you. Jesus, do you also tell black people when they’re skin is too dark for you. What an idiot.

          And blah hair color? Please, I can’t even with you. Your shallowness is A S T O U D I N G.

          • Anonymous

            Amen!! Thankfully Garner doesn’t seem to care what the paps or morons like this think – if she did, she would have changed her appearance, clothing choices, etc. long ago. Fortunately, she seems to have more substance than that. When she bleaches her hair, slaps on heavy make up and wears heels to the playground I will start to worry.

    • Anonymous

      Mousy? Are we looking at the same person? I see someone who is a “natural beauty” without a hint of make up on her face. It’s also worth saying that she doesn’t need to apply layers upon layers of heavy make up every time she leaves the house…..

  • Anonymous

    she must have gotten a stylist, she looks much more put together this time around.

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