Jessica Simpson’s Baby Bump Debut!

Yup, official congratulations are in order!

An expectant Jessica Simpson was spotted leaving her New York city hotel this morning (October 25). The blonde beauty was sporting an obvious baby bump as she headed to Broadway with her mother, Tina.

The 31-year-old singer/fashionista has remained mum on the pregnancy rumors. However, yesterday she was seen touching her tummy and over the weekend she was spotted in a pregnancy maxi dress.

And today’s baby bump debut has all of us cheering for the I Wanna Love You Forever singer and her fiance Eric Johnson!

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Photo credit: Griffin

  • Anonymous

    I’m not a fan of marriage (although I am a fan of committment) and I’m not fan of religion (although I am a fan of spirituality).

    Isn’t it ironic that BOTH of Preacher Daddy Simpson’s daughters would get pregnant outside of marriage? Not surprising, I guess, since he’s been pimping them out for so long.

    • taratara

      What do you care? And what do you know about these people? For being a fan of spirituality you’re pretty nosy and judgmental.

      • Grace

        What do you mean “What do you know about these people?” What an incredibly stupid question. The Simpson family has been whoring out every part of their personal lives for years – so people know quite a bit about them.

        And I agree with the original poster. It’s kind of ironic that Joe Simpson was so smug in interviews – acting like his family was so morally superior to everyone else’s – and that Jessica carried on for years about her virginity, and then both women ended up getting pregnant before marriage. I guess they shouldn’t have acted so smug all these years.

        • AM

          Grace – I couldn’t agree with your comment more.

  • Anonymous 2

    Kind of interesting how she’s not announcing yet not hiding/concealing. I’m honestly confused. But yeah, it’s been pretty obvious for a while. lol

    • Anonymous

      She’s already in the cover of a magazine announcing she’s having a baby.

      • Anonymous

        FYI She didn’t speak to that magazine(OK) I read the article . They made up the quote like they always do with actresses like Jennifer Aniston, Katie Holmes , etc

    • AvaElizabeth

      in german’s newspapers they wrote that ok paid her 500.000 dollars just for confirming. weird.

  • courtney

    Jessica doesn’t owe us an announcement maybe she’s having a difficult pregnancy and doesn’t want to jinx herself

  • Elena

    Congratulations! From the shape of a bump, it indeed seems to be a girl, like the rumors have said, but that’s not always 100% accurate.

    • Anonymous

      100% accurate? It’s not accurate at all.

  • Anna

    why the hell she HAS to confirm if she is pregnant? nobody has nothing to do with her pregnancy. I don’t know why people think that celebs HAVE to announce it. Its her personal issue. leave her and her pregnancy alone.

    • Janna

      Let’s be fair. She announces every other “personal” issue, including the entire first year of her marriage on a reality show. I’m not saying she HAS to announce it, but you have to admit that it’s strange that a visibly pregnant woman won’t confirm she’s pregnant.

  • Anonymous

    The only reason she’s not confirming it is because she’s getting more attention by NOT confirming it. When she gets the right number she’ll announce it. Even though it’s obvious so she shouldn’t get a dime out of it. Ridiculous.

    • AvaElizabeth

      i completley agree with that what you say!

  • AvaElizabeth

    don’t like her.

    she just waited so long to make the maximum of money for confirming her pregnancy. So after this theatre I’m really not interested in that horrible woman and her pregnancy.

    Heard she got 500.000 dollars from ok magazine just for confirming what we all knew.

  • TF

    Nah, she’s just gotten fat again.

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Ok so she has been shopping news outlets for people to pay for her story, hopefully nobody wants to pay because I personally don’t care if she ever announces it. For goodness sakes just look at her and you know the answer, I think it would be great if we as a society just didn’t give her story any power. What if we all didn’t care? Would be the greatest thing ever!!!

    • Anonymous

      so why do you care?

  • Anonymous

    Poppa Joe is probably still shopping around for a magazine cover…

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