Kelly Rutherford & Helena: Cuddling On The Gossip Girl Set

Kelly Rutherford spent time with her daughter Helena while on the set of Gossip Girl in New York City on Tuesday (October 25).

Bundled up in a wool hat, jacket and plaid pants the 2 1/2-year-old looked like she was getting sleepy while being carried by mom. Big brother Hermés wasn’t with them.

When explaining to her kids why she goes to work, the actress goes to their level so they can understand.

She told OK!, “They have an awareness of the world, but they understand that Mommy goes to work. Some days my son says ‘Mommy, why do you go to work?’ and I say ‘because I have to be able to buy cupcakes and toys.’ There’s a relation to things.”

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Photo credit: Flynet


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  1. Nicky

    Cute family and Beautiful baby

  2. Lyla

    Helena beautiful just like her mama

  3. Heart

    She just like her self or her mom nothing like brad shiloh lol

  4. Anonymous

    Omg helena like kids jolie pitt for me

  5. Anonymous

    Shiloh and helena beautiful baby, if grown up be shiloh pretty than helena

  6. Nicole)

    Like Shiloh?? I think never like maybey her lips coming for brangelina or kelly.

  7. Nicky

    In here blog all say shiloh but other site and blog nathing one say shiloh or brad anglina.

  8. Anonymous

    Helena like sick eyes nothing like kids jolie pitt

  9. Anonymous

    Sorry idont like any child tired eyes

  10. Anonymous

    All nonsense ,jolie pitt kids beautiful

  11. Anonymous

    Helena eyes make her pit 4 years old

  12. Anonymous

    Actually helena looks cute

  13. Anonymous

    Wow most of these comments make no sense. She is very cute.

  14. A Hinds

    Kelly is a great actress and seems like a great mother to her 2 children. I’ve been a fan of Kelly’s for years and I will continue to be a fan of hers.

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