Jaime Bergman & Kids: Cruising In California

Former Playboy model Jaime Bergman – who is the wife of Angel actor David Boreanaz – was seen out and about with their two children Jaden, 9, and Bella, 2, in Woodland Hills, Calif. on Sunday (October 23).

David and Jaime’s marriage made headlines back in 2010 when David admitted to being unfaithful.

The Bones star confessed to cheating on his wife with Tiger Woods’ alleged mistress Rachel Uchitel last year. He also claims his dirty deed made their marriage stronger!

“In a sacred ground like marriage, you find yourself out of it at certain times for reasons unknown that can be destructive,” the 42-year-old actor explains. “There could be a demon that kind of comes out and overtakes you.”

The couple met in 2001 at a Valentine’s Day party at the Playboy mansion.

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Photo credit: GSI Media

  • Anonymous

    Interview he did was taking out of context. It’s trash sites like yours that connect the dots and come up with false Information. He never referred to anything related to his past personal issues. Nor did he ever mention names and or admitted to what u are suggesting. You call yourself a worthy web site? Blog? Writer? Stay behind the curtain and keep pulling those strings. Your facts are wrong.

  • 1mars

    Is there ever going to be a time when at the mention of the Boreanaz family you dont mention the past? It was over two years ago, and your comment about making his marriage stronger is one he never made. I notice when you mention Brad Pitt et all, you dont talk about their affair and subsequent breaking up of his marriage. Nasty journalism, ever heard of fairness:

  • Janna

    I’m not really sure why, in an article and photo about his wife, you would bring up him cheating. What the heck does that have to do with anything?!??!

  • Mia

    It’s really unnecessary to bring up the cheating 2 years later…

    About the pictures, their kids are cute. Bella is adorable.

  • Mia

    Oh, and Bella is wearing Vivienne Westwood for Melissa.

  • Ti

    I thought she was from 16 and Pregnant. Wow she looks young (I realize she’s not).

  • JennyG

    I thought their daughter’s name was Bardot or Vida. I knew that they changed it once, did they change it again?

  • melo1983

    Wow, she looks unbelievably young!! And Jaden looks so tall compared to his mom!

  • Anonymous

    If you took the time to read what an Australian magazine printed by twisting/spinning his words, and blogs & magazines stupidly reprinted without asking if it was true…. maybe you should bother to read what his rep had to say about the fabricated “news”: Boreanaz DIDN’T do an interview with said magazine, his words were taken out of context from an official “Bones” press conference where he DIDN’T talk about his marriage, only about the characters’ relationship. If you read the first “news”, why not read the subsequent news – that he never made those statements! Much ado about NOTHING, but the truth is not as juicy as a scandalous lie that you can spread all over….. BTW, next time you talk about Brangelina’s kids, don’t forget to mention how she used to cut herself, kiss her brother like a lover, wear Billy Bobs’s blood around her neck, and slept with Brad while he was still married to Jennifer Anniston… Or writing about Stallone, don’t forget to remind us how he broke up with then fiancee Jennifer Flavin via FedEx cause he supposedly got another woman pregnant…Or how Tom Hanks was already married + with kid when he got together with Rita Wilson… All these people are now well respected and happily (re)married. Almost all celebrities have skeletons in their closet. They’re only humans, not gods, nor saints. Leave Boreanaz alone, just as you leave all the other not-saintly celebrities alone.

  • Anonymous

    wow…people just don’t want to see a fallen angel, do they? LOL He is only a B-lister celeb, and the reason why people bash him is plain and simply called KARMA. He got away with murder, he hurt a lot of people along the way, and he thinks he is above it. He is a cheater, and a freaky sex addict…I don’t know how he can be happily married now, but good for her, I guess. She seems a much better person than he does.

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