Exclusive Peek Into Moroccan and Monroe’s Nurseries

Now that Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have shown off their twins Moroccan and Monroe in a television interview with 20/20, the public can now get a glimpse of their nurseries.

Life & Style exclusively has the photos of the babies’ rooms at their Bel Air Mansion and New York City Tribeca penthouse.

Mariah tells the mag, “I wanted to create a beautiful, tranquil, cozy environment. Designing the nurseries with Gail Sedigh of AFK Furniture and Mario Buatta was so challenging because I had such specific ideas I wanted implemented. I feel like I’m bringing two individuals into the world, so I wanted to do more than cookie-cutter styles in blue and pink.”

The singer adds, “I feel so doubly blessed to have such a perfect start to our family. It’s perfect — it couldn’t be better.”

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Photo credit: Life & Style

  • Janna

    Maybe it was just for this photo shoot, but doesn’t every pediatric expert on the planet advised AGAINST crib bumpers?

  • Anonymous

    Um it’s only Their NYC Nursery not both Roc n Roe haven’t been back in their LA Nursery since June when their parents took them to NYC for the summer/fall. as for the crib bumpers it’s probably only for show I think Mariah & Nick both know the risks of sids and after everything they went through to become parents wouldn’t put their children at risk

    • Anonymous

      sorry, the only thing crib bumpers show is that the parents are stupid.

  • Anonymous

    So they sold the photos of nursery to L&S because the money they got from 20/20 for show the babies wasn’t enough.

  • Heidi Hall

    many people still do use crib bumpers honestly. yes, many people are against them but it is all personal choice. my issue would be the table with the lamp and all those pictures. Those babies will be crawling soon and i doubt all that stuff is tacked down..

    • Anonymous

      It’s not your “personal choice” to put your baby in danger. Crib bumpers are dangerous. How are you going to feel if your baby is the one in a million who suffocates on it? Or is brain-damaged when they lay up against one and get smothered?

  • Anonymous

    this isnt the first glimpse…..they’ve released pictures of this tacky room before..

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