Debi Mazar: “Parents Need To Be More Diligent About What Their Children Eat”

Debi Mazar may be a celebrity, starring in the popular HBO series Entourage but the mother-of-two is also an accomplished cook.

The 47-year-old beauty – who is currently starring in the second season of her own cooking show titled Extra Virgin alongside her husband Gabriele Corcos – sits down with Working Mother and opens up about her daughter’s eating habits, how she balances her full plate at work with motherhood and gives tips for picky eaters!

On her daughter’s eating habits: “[Evelina, 9, and Giulia, 5] have developed a preference for natural-tasting foods, versus overly processed foods. As a mom, that thrills me. When your kids are young, that’s the only time you have to educate them and get their taste buds to accept the flavor of garlic or extra-virgin olive oil. One of my proudest—and scariest—mommy moments was when Giulia was 3½ years old and was expertly chopping an onion with a 7-inch kitchen knife!”

On balancing the demands of work with home life: “Well … I’m very stressed out! I only sleep four to five hours a night, and I haven’t taken a nap in ten years. But I’m happy. If you’re in love with your partner and your family, and your work is fulfilling, you don’t need much else in life.”

On advice for parents of picky eaters: “Parents need to be more diligent about what their children eat, and it doesn’t take a lot of work. Keep introducing new foods and flavors–eventually your kids will like some of them. I try to make meals that the entire family will eat, but this is my philosophy: If you don’t like what I put on the table, then you don’t eat. You’ll be hungry tomorrow. Then you’ll eat.”

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  • Tanya

    Love her and totally agree with the food advice.

  • Anonymous

    I to completely agree with her and I love her show on the COOK channel.

  • Anonymous

    Sensible advice – I like the hard-line approach as opposed to “giving in”.

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