Paris Jackson Has Some Football Fun!

Paris Jackson, 13 – the daughter of Thriller singer Michael Jackson – was spotted playing a game of flag football at her school on Tuesday (October 25) in Los Angeles, Calif.

Paris definitely had the support of her siblings during her football game!

Both her older brother Michael Joseph Jackson Jr.,14 – commonly known as Prince – and her younger brother Prince Michael Jackson II, 9 – nicknamed Blanket – were there watching their sister play.

The Lingerie Football League recently invited Paris to be its spokesperson but Katherine Jackson – who currently has custody of the three children – was reportedly ”disgusted” by the request.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • Ashley

    Go, Paris! I think it’s great that she’s doing what she wants to do and just having fun, and it’s so sweet to see her brothers there cheering her on. These kids are a credit to their late dad. It’s wonderful that the three seem to be so close. I hope they continue to stay close through their lives. They’re going to need to lean on each other during the hard times and help each other remember the good times with their dad.

  • noneedtoknow

    She is turning into a beautiful young woman !!

  • Europa

    The paps are hanging around the Jackson kids’ school yard? Wow – that is so not cool. Should be some kind of restriction about strange men having to stay clear of childrens’ schools.

    • Ashley

      I know. It’s very frightening. When Michael was here, hardly anybody knew what they looked like, aside from a few grainy paparazzi shots. It’s so sad that the kids can’t even do after school activities without the press being there. Michael would have hated this. He wanted them to have as normal childhoods as possible, and they got that when he was here. They could come and go with or without Michael and not be recognized by the media. The kids spoke about how they could go out without their masks, and people didn’t know who they were. That’s a credit to Michael. He kept his kids’ privacy protected, and now there are paparazzi staking out the kids sports functions.

  • Anonymous

    have they found out who the biological father is yet? this girl has no black in her

    • Ashley

      Why must you start with your ignorant comments? Just because a child doesn’t look particularly like a parent does NOT mean they aren’t. You saying she doesn’t look like she has any “black in her” is a matter of opinion. Put up a picture of her next to Debbie Rowe who has pale skin and almost white hair. She is far darker than Debbie Rowe and is naturally so.

      But even if she wasn’t Michael’s biological daughter, he is her father, and no other man has the right to claim to be her father, because there is only one man that took care of her from birth, and that’s Michael Jackson. Why are you so concerned with her genetics? She clearly isn’t. She’s confident with who she is, and that’s a wonderful thing. Michael brought up three pretty terrific kids, and it’s nobody’s place to say they aren’t his, especially when there is no proof that Michael wasn’t their biological father.

      • Anonymous

        Whose comment are you responding to???

  • Anonymous

    isn’t the name of the 14-year-old-boy Prince Michael Jackson II? and thats why he’s called prince?! and the name of the second boy Michael Joseph Jackson known as blanket?!
    I’m a little confused here…

    • Ashley

      The legal names, in birth order are:

      Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. (commonly referred to as Prince)
      Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson (referred to as Paris)
      Prince Michael Jackson II (referred to as Blanket)

      There is only one legally named Prince, and that is the youngest.

  • Ashley

    I really wish people would stop littering these positive posts with questions about these kids’ paternity. The kids seem very comfortable with who they are and clearly loved their father very much. I think it’s highly ignorant to assume the kids aren’t his, especially when there is no proof of that. People need to stop saying hurtful things like this, because these kids are exactly that…kids. They are impressionable, and just because a bunch of adults want to act like children and say horrible things about them doesn’t mean it’s ok, because these kids DO have internet access and can read things like this.

    You don’t know for certain what their genetic makeup is, so you shouldn’t just post whatever it is that comes to your mind about them. It’s hurtful, and these kids have already been through enough. They don’t need a bunch of strangers who have never met them OR their father telling them who they are or aren’t. They know who they are, so just let them be.

  • Madrid

    She and Troian Avery Bellisario (Pretty Little Liars) can pass for sisters they both have African American ancestry.

  • Diva

    I to have so VERY VERY sick and tired of every dang on time a story or picture of these precious kids is posted on the internet here come ppl with their rude, ignorant, and disrespectful remarks!!!
    Has it occured to ANY of you that as was stated these kids are NOT losing sleep over your opinions or ASSumptions as to their paturnity!! They are going on living their lives and making their FATHER Micheal Joseph Jackson proud!!
    Searching out articles or youtube clips about them and respewing the same BS over and over and calling names those who back up and support what their FATHER, MOTHER, FAMILY, & the kids THEMSELEVES have stated over and over which is t hey are VERY much bio children of Micheal Joseph Jackson which makes them BIRACIAL. If u dont want to beleive them thats YOUR personal issues and problem NOT these innocent kids who dont desearve the rudeness and disrespect. Sad that strangers on the internet feel its okay to bully and constantly be so damn dissrespectful to kids who are VERY much aware and use the internet on a daily basis and have and do go on TMZ, Youtube, etc…
    Its okay to to be rude I guess cause its not you or YOUR children being disresected right!! If u said and the mother sad you are the bio parents of your interracial children what gives ANYONE ESPECIALLY strangers to say otherwise and tormet you or your children with garbage and talboid lies!!
    Thankfully these kids as stated many times are STRONG and VERY CONFIDENT in who they are and where they come from. And NO matter what you say they are NOT losting any sleep over it. Thats what makes them so amazing and strong.
    Only ignorant people feel the need to constantly bully and comment on kids they know NOTHING about and about their father who they do NOT and will NEVER know. As was said as long as those kids know who they are and where they come from your ASSumptions means nothing. In the grand scheme of things and at the end of the day your opinions rank at the VERY VERY bottom of the list of their concerns. Sad the bahavior that is okay no in days in this world.
    I pray God does something cause these kids been through enough already and I pray for EVERYONE talking BS and being rude and disrespectful to them will get everything back and then some. Karma is real and I wouldnt push it if I was some people. Cause he sees everything u do and say and you WILL answer for it!!
    These kids lives arent dependant on what a bunch of ignorant strangers think about them. All they need to remember is who they KNOW they are and where they KNOW they come from PERIOD!!!!
    Anyway , WAY TO GO PARIS!!! your dad would be so proud of you and your brothers!!

  • Anonymous

    Proud of Paris she is the first girl to play on the boys team. Breaking barriers, way to go girl.The kids have friends. Prince has a GF they are closer to their cousins. Of course they miss Michael but there are good things about the way they are living now. IMO

  • Anonymous 2

    I really like this kid. And kudos to her for playing football with the boys!

    But what in the world was on the mind of a “Lingerie League” in thinking it was a good idea to recruit a teenage girl??

  • Anonymous

    Go Paris Go!!!! 🙂

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