Alicia Silverstone Dabbles In Elimination Communication Training

Alicia Silverstone‘s little guy Bear Blu may not be able to talk or walk yet but this 5-month-old munchkin is already receiving lessons in potty training!

The Clueless star – who had baby Bear with husband Christopher Jarecki on May 5th – has been chronicling Bear’s delightful diaper free moments on her Twitter page.

On Wednesday, the proud mama tweeted, “[S]aturday bear blu (5 mos old) went poo and pee on toilet 4x throughout the day…we were so proud! “Check out book Diaper Free..soo fun!”

The actress also added, “yesterday bear did 2 poops in toilet….so sweet! i’m saving so many diapers…even cloth ones….yahoooo! and it’s so fun!”

So what’s the key to the apparent success of toilet training an infant? Recognizing and responding to your baby’s elimination signs of course!

The term elimination communication and natural infant hygiene was coined by Ingrid Bauer, author of Diaper Free! The Gentle Wisdom of Natural Infant Hygiene, after a trip to India and Africa where she noticed that most mothers would carry their diaperless babies constantly without expected elimination accidents. After applying the diaper free method on her own children with success, she has been a fan every since.

Ingrid writes:

“My youngest child, like millions of babies around the globe, experienced no difficulty in developing awareness and control of his body functions from infancy. We’ve been communicating about it since his birth and he has been out of diapers since he was four months old. The consequences have been positive: a strengthened trust, an intimate bond, and a child who is conscious and comfortable in his body.”

And Alicia isn’t the only famous mom who uses such a novel approach! Blossom alum Mayim Bialik has used the diaper free method on her sons Miles, 6, and Frederick, 3. The mom-of two states,

Cloth when we’re out. At home, we use elimination communication, which is used in many places of the world. When I first learned about it I thought it was the craziest thing I’ve ever heard. But it’s being talked about a lot more. It’s a diaper-free movement that’s based on the fact that children give signals. It’s a really profound level of communicating with your child. My second son was dry by 11 months. It’s more potty-training the adult than the kid. And it’s not for everyone, that’s for sure. You need to be with your child all the time to learn the signals. My husband was so skeptical but he became a believer very quickly.”

We are wishing Alicia a copious amount of success in Bear’s training!

What are your thoughts on training an infant in the elimination communication method?

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  • Amandaa

    What do they do at bedtime? Wake up and check the kid for signals?

    • Ally

      you obviously can’t use the method 24-hours a day.

      • Annaliese

        Actually the baby wakes when it needs to go, and will often hold on til you make its toilet cue sound. It may cry til you take it to the toilet.

      • Kristina

        You can totally do EC 24 hrs a day! Just like children and adults do in the middle of the night by waking up, babies doing EC wake up and express the need to go. My daughter has wonderful control. This summer she would even want to get out of the pool to go! Some kids don’t even do that! lol

  • Anonymous

    I think she’s an excellent mother. I really like her.

  • Amandaa

    What do they do at bedtime? Wake up the baby and check for signals?

  • SMH

    okay I actually heard of this and my mom knows someone that was successful with this for her own child. They didn’t intend to potty train their infant but they noticed she eliminated almost the same time every day. So they decided one day to stick her on the potty chair around that time and she went. She isn’t diaper free though bc it’s not 100% and you can’t be around a toilet 24/7 but they are successful at having her do her BM’s in the potty most of the time.

    I am not going to be the type of parent that stares at my kids faces 24/7 to know the signs or carry a potty seat around with me wherever I go. Potty training under a year old will be the least of my mommy concerns.

  • arabella

    I think elimination communication is stupid.

    • Janna

      Ignorant people tend to think a lot of things are ‘stupid’.

    • Elisha

      I second Janna’s comment. I would add lazy, in addition to ignorant! It’s the American way:)

    • Elisha

      I second Janna’s comment. I would add lazy, in addition to ignorant! It’s the American way:)

    • Elisha

      I second Janna’s comment. I would add lazy, in addition to ignorant! It’s the American way:)

  • CEM

    If you are a SAHM, this could work. If it works for people, then I’m all for it. I’m sure there’s some accidents. I personally, wouldn’t want to try it. I hope she doesn’t get completely slammed for advocating this method.
    And Mayim seemed pretty humble about her experience. She wasn’t on a soapbox about it.

  • Anonymous

    how old is Alicia!!!???? OMG

    • Anonymous

      You are mean.

    • Anonymous

      I personally wondered the same thing in terms of wow she is really tweeting the word poo and getting oddly excited over how many times she held her clueless (pun intended) infant over the toilet just to tweet it about it every time…weird.

  • EC fan!!

    We started EC with my daughter at 5mos, and have been doing it part time ever since! It’s amazing!

  • Anonymous

    I think it works but is difficult to do in our society. I cannot understand why someone would think it’s “stupid.”

    • Anonymous

      It’s really not that hard to do in our society. I have been ECing my little one since 7 months. She is quite at home using the potty at home or in public and with training pants, it is a simple matter to use a public toilet.

  • Anonymous

    just another freaky tree huggin kind of mom. give your kid a break. plenty of time to poop on the toilet. I feel the first year is givin the poor kid a break and the time to concentrate on more important developmental goals!!! why oh why are we in such a rush to push for potty training? just enjoy your infant and don’t be so hung up on the whole psychology of the event and proving your child can do it months or a year before other children!!!

    • Anonymous

      It’s not about pushing your baby to be potty trained. It’s about communication. If you pay attention, your newborn baby will give you cues to tell you he/she has to eliminate. It’s about respecting your child and listening to his cues. The perks are using less diapers and potty learning early, but ultimately it’s about adding another dimension of communication with your child. What do you think they did before diapers were invented? They listened to their babies’ cues and took them to a proper place to eliminate.

  • DD

    I actually heard about this a while ago and wondered about it. If you look on youtube, there are videos of people actually doing this. This little baby using the potty on cue (sounds to trigger peeing, from the parents understanding his bathroom clock related to eating). Now I’m definitely going to try it. I did notice the same thing with women at home (Africa), so it’s certainly not “stupid”.

  • ZaraB

    I also can’t understand why anyone would call EC ‘stupid’. It’s something I think you need a lot of commitment to follow through with, but I have heard that the results can be amazing, and I praise anyone who practices EC – the environmental savings, for one thing, are huge.

  • N. s

    Gosh, I could just never find the time for something like that, but good luck to her! She seems to be really into the idea. 🙂

  • etoile

    this is not something new my mum who is 84 had a friend who,s mum had used this method on her and her siblings (one of which was mentally challenged) when she told us about it we just laughed, but each to their own.

  • Anonymous

    I sorry to me its like traning your dog to go potty.

    • Anonymous

      Uh, so is potty training a 2-year old.

  • Anonymous

    I really love EC, people should not be so quick to judge! But I remember Gisele was slammed here for doing it, hope Alicia won’t. Its a pretty common practice and much better for the environment, and cheaper! kudos!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t understand why some women are so hideously judgmental of other women, especially other mothers ie. the posters who call it “stupid” and accuse her of being a “tree huggin mom”. How about letting her do what she feels is best for her son without coming down on her with ignorant comments? So our society says the “norm” is to potty train at 2-3 years old, right? Well, why is that the be-all and end-all and why should what “society” says be the deciding factor? EC is really interesting and babies/toddlers DEF make signs for when they need to go pee/poo. Every mother knows that. So, why not try put them over the toilet? It saves their bums from diapers, saves money on diapers, is good for the environment and helps you strengthen the level of communication with your child. How is that stupid?? I am so disgusting by the continually ignorant and offensive comments made by closed minded individuals on this website who attack mothers who are not cookie-cutter typical.

  • Anonymous

    I applaud your comment, Anonymous poster on Oct 30, 2011 @ 01:43 pm. Comments like that tend to come from insecure mothers who need to put down others to feel better about themselves. Sad really!

  • Kristina

    Unfortunately, a lot of negative comments related to EC come from people who are just simply not aware of what it’s about. It’s like a 8 yo saying math is “stupid” because they don’t understand it. EC is a gentle method of allowing your child to eliminate in a humane, natural way. It certainly isn’t natural for anyone other than babies, somehow to sit in their own waste products. It’s quite easy, certainly no harder than changing a diaper. As with anyone else it’s certainly possible to do 24/7. If you are out and about and have to go to the restroom you either find one or wait till you can. Babies are capable of doing the same thing. My daughter has amazing control. I’ve been practicing EC with my daughter who is 16 months since she was 10wks. My path was less than intentional as I realized that every day after her morning feeding she would go to the bathroom. At that time it would go everywhere, and I joked I could put her on the potty. One day I did, and the rest is history! If you’re curious about EC, check out There is a TON of information available there and lots of answers to the questions listed here.

  • Gretchen

    Moms and dads can read signs of when baby is hungry, tired, bored, uncomfortable, in pain, etc. Adding “needing to go to the bathroom” to the list of things to try to console a screaming baby is another tool in your pocket. Babies don’t LIKE to sit in their own mess anymore than we do (or animals). It’s a matter of dignity and pride–they just can’t physically get themselves to the toilet but much prefer it. The look on the baby’s face of relief when they go over the toilet is adorable. And it’s so much easier to clean up! And no diaper rash!

  • Mel

    I heard about EC while pregnant but didn’t think much of it. After she was born, she pooped in her nappy every single time I put a new one on after a feed and I could see the $$$ going in the bin. When she was 5 weeks I got sick of it and thought ‘Im just going to sit with her on the toilet for a few mins and see what happens’. To my surprise she did a poo within seconds! Not only that, but she began holding poo and crying if I didn’t offer the toilet. After I saw how much she actually LIKED going I started offering it more (after feeds/waking and at every nappy change I had to do anyway). I by no means EC full time and I still use nappies 95% of the time… but now at 9 months old I can count the number of poo nappies I have changed on my fingers! EC is more hygienic, cheaper, environmentally friendly, it gives babies the dignity to not sit in waste or poo them selves, if I run out of nappies I am alright as long as I have a toilet but most of all they LIKE it =) If you have 1-2 mins to spear for your child at a time their nappy is off anyways, just give it ago. You have nothing to lose! Please don’t judge something you have never tried, especially when its not black and white. Many parents only practice occasionally and the intention is not to have them out of nappies by 1 year old, it is to communicate with them and get them used to something that is perfectly normal! Why train them to use a nappy, only to have to un-train them and teach them that a flushing toilet is normal? Good on anyone who is all about raising awareness!

  • Anonymous

    Babies do not like to poop in diapers. It is gross. No one likes the idea of eliminating in their clothes. Our society trains babies to use diapers and then re-trains them to use the toilet. I was skeptical like many of you and never tried EC with my first baby. But then I just tried one time with my 2 week baby and now at 9 months he poops & pees on potty every morning and frequently pees at diaper changes.

  • Mokah

    I EC with my 16 month old son. We’ve been doing it since he was 5 months old and I don’t do it full time as I like to go out and not worry too much about it. What isn’t natural as other people who are slamming EC is training your child it’s ok to soil themselves and then trying to undo that when they are 2 or 3 and already well accustomed to going in their diaper. My son gets quite upset when he’s wet or dirty and wouldn’t you? He also one of the most laid back and happy babies around because I listen to him when he tells me he needs to go.

    In the 70’s most children were potty trained my 18 months. Today it’s 3-4 years old. This is due mostly in part of the introduction of disposable diapers and the diaper companies continually encouraging parents to train their children to go to the potty when they can walk and talk. My son can walk and he may not have too many words yet, but he can sign potty and tell me when he needs to go so why would I make him wait?

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