Jennifer Garner & Her Beautiful Ballerina!

Such a gorgeous group of girls!

Expectant mama Jennifer Garner was spotted taking her gorgeous girl Violet, 5, to ballet class today (October 29) in Santa Monica, Calif. Little sis’ Seraphina, 2, tagged along also!

Jen looks great in this stage of her pregnancy, not to mention strong! Look at her carry sweet Seraphina and a book in one arm and check her phone in the other!

The actress and her older daughter Violet were also spotted on Friday (October 28) heading to the dentist!

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Photo credit: GSI Media

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think the younger girl is going to ballet – she’s wearing regular clothes.

    • Anonymous

      It doesn’t say she was. It just said she “tagged along.” Which means she was just there for the trip, not actually participating.

      • Anonymous

        When it was first posted, it did state that both girls were going to ballet. The first comment was actually referring to it. Since then the post has been edited.

        • Anonymous

          Thanks – I noticed that too but since the claws had come out, I didn’t bother pointing it out.

  • JenBen

    Yes Sera has a ballerina outfit with a really nice tutu! Looks like Vi got a new
    Ballerina outfit… She looks so happy! The baby has dropped now, could be

  • Anonymous

    Violet always seems unfazed by the paparazzi that hound them everyday.

  • ChiTownEggHead

    I took the line to mean that Sera tagged along to drop Violet off at ballet class, not that she tagged along to attend ballet class.

  • Anonymous

    Too bad the kid will be way too tall to actually become a ballerina. It’s cute, though, to take classes. Every little girl dreams of becoming a ballerina.

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