Jessica Simpson Stays Hush At LAX

Jessica Simpson arrived back at LAX in Los Angeles, Calif. after her trip to New York City on Friday night (October 28). Dressed in a loose leopard print dress and leggings, the 31-year-old wore shades and stayed mum on her round belly while walking through the crowd of photographers.

Along with her mom Tina, sister Ashlee Simpson and her nephew Bronx, she was in the Big Apple to work on her tween denim line. Another project she’s working on is a website called For the site she designed a skincare line.

Through her many meetings, Jessica did find time to Tweet a photo of a pair of legs dangling from a toilet at Bergdorf Goodman.

Presumably a picture of her in the bathroom she wrote: “Short girl problems.”

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News/Fame/GSI Media

  • Anonymous

    haha what a “christian” thing to do…flipping the bird to some one- all this and a baby out of wed lock…shock!!! haha (rolling my eyes)

    • Anonymous

      U are sooo right double rolling here

    • Anonymous

      U are sooo right double rolling here

  • Anonymous

    For goodness sake leave this poor girl alone. Why does she have to make some sort of announcement to let everyone know she is pregnant? Let the girl be!

  • Anonymous

    I really don’t get all the fuss about her being ‘hushed’ or ‘mum’. What do you want her to say? That she’s pregnant? LOL!

    • Janna

      Exactly. I imagine that at this point she can’t just say, “In case you hadn’t noticed……”.

  • Anonymous

    in the 5 th pic .. she is holding up her middle finger .. that looks very classy … saying FU with a baby bump .. very nice jessica .. very nice

  • chocolate_bear

    seriously? you aren’t allowed to hold up your middle finger during pregnancy? what new kind of crazy is this?

    • Anonymous

      she can smoke crack for all i care when she is pregnant , i dont care … BUT SHE IS A ROLE MODEL TO some people and people DO look up to her ,” FANS ” i don’t think it was very nice NOR classy

  • klutzy_girl

    I see her nothing wrong with her giving the paps the finger. It clearly looked like they were crowding her and everyone else.

    And so what if she’s pregnant and doing that? It’s not a big deal, and it’s not like the baby can see it!

  • anonymous

    LOLOLOL @ all you dissing her for flipping the paps? Ooh she’s a Christian girl how dare she flips!!! nooo the horror! Since when flipping a mortal sin. As for having kids out of wedlock, so everyone is. Cast her with stones if you ladies are so crystal clean with a halo on your heads.

    • Anonymous

      The point is that you don’t get to use the “I’m a good Christian Card” and wear that on your sleeve ONLY when it suits you. No, no one here has a halo I’m sure, but no one here is spouting to the world about what a good Christian they are either.

  • Anonymous

    jessica wants everyone to buy her cds , buy her Bags , her jeans , but she is noway turthful to her fans … I think its RUDE to flipping anyone off .. she is a celeb THATS THE LIFE !!!!!!!!! get over it they are taken pics of her THATS THE LIFE OF A CELEB !!!!!!!!

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