Kendra Wilkinson Says Hank Jr. Is “The Smartest Kid”

Kendra Wilkinson says Hank Jr. is really smart.

Speaking about her 22-month-old son with husband Hank Baskett, she explains, “The other night he said his ABC! He is a sponge right now he is learning so much and we love to piggy back on that and we love to teach him. Right now we know he is a sponge and we are just throwing stuff at him as much as we can for him to learn.”

The proud mom added, “He is the smartest kid, he can put together a five-piece puzzle right now. His concentration is amazing I can’t believe that when we are filming he can just sit down and put together a five piece puzzle so quickly, he has great concentration.”

Since the family has started shooting new episodes of her reality show Kendra, the proud mom insists her little boy enjoys being in front of the cameras.

He’s fine with them (the cameras). I don’t think he has cried one time when they’ve been there. And we would never force him to shoot, you know, to be on TV. He likes it. That’s the beauty about it, that he gets to do what he wants to do he doesn’t have a script and he’s not doing something that he doesn’t want to do.”

She added, “But of course with the baby we have limits, we have to kick the camera out sometimes if the baby isn’t feeling good or anything, we don’t allow the cameras to go next to baby Hank.”

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