Alicia Silverstone: Dog Walking With Bear Blu

Alicia Silverstone and her husband Christopher Jarecki took their 5-month-old son Bear Blu with them to walk their dog in Hollywood, Calif. on Saturday (October 29). The Kind Diet author had her cutie snuggled up to her in a baby carrier.

Alicia stuck to a Vegan diet during pregnancy and is making sure Bear eats the same foods.

She said, “Bear was grown on vegan food and we’ll continue nourishing him with a healthy diet. He’ll be eating an organic plant-based diet. I intend to take great care of his precious new baby body so I’m committed to giving him nothing but the purest and most healthy food possible. We want to keep his immune system strong so that he’ll be super healthy – which is just one of the many reasons he’ll eat vegan.”

The actress added that she will understand if he wants to change his diet when he gets older.

Of course I want him to have a healthy life and be compassionate and sensitive towards the Earth and all living creatures. I’ll just let whatever happens naturally occur.”

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Photo credit: Flynet

  • Anonymous

    I’m raising my baby vegan, too! 🙂
    Which baby carrier is this?

    • Anonymous

      It’s the Ergo Organic in River Rock Green.

  • Anonymous

    Its an ergo, I love this carrier!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen her husband wear a shirt with sleeves.

  • Beau

    What will she do thou if Bear wants to take a crap????? She said he in potty-training so isn’t using nappies. What a funny looking kid I must say.

    • anonymous

      Learn something about Elimination Communication before you mock. It has nothing to do with NEVER using diapers.

      You also get the stupid-ignorant-bully-on-the-internet award today for calling an infant “funny looking”. Nice going, tough guy.

  • marywesley

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  • Anonymous

    what happened to her? she never looks like she’s had a bath.

  • Tara C

    She looks adorable and I love her Ergo- I have one and it is so comfy 🙂 Also good for her for raising baby vegan!!

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