Dylan McDermott & Charlotte: Camera-Ready

Dylan McDermott and Charlotte were out with a friend in Santa Monica, Calif. on Saturday (October 29). Carrying a camera, it looked like the actor was planning to take pictures of their day.

McDermott, who stars in the FX psycho-drama American Horror Story, recently gushed about Charlotte, 6, and his 15-year-old daughter Colette.

He said, “The great joy in my life is loving them, you know? And being there for them and showing up for them.”

He also talked about turning 50.

He remarked, “Yes. It’s kind of freaky, you know, you don’t know your age, really, or at least I don’t until I read it in the newspaper and it says, ‘a 50-year-old man!’ And you’re like, Wait a second, you know that’s me! And I guess this is the journey, the journey of getting older and sort of embracing it. Because if you fight it, that’s when the suffering starts!”

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Photo credit: Flynet


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Am absolutely loving American Horror Story. Dylan’s character is … interesting. It’s one of my favorite new TV shows this season. (The others are Once Upon A Time and Ringer.)


Is that a Diana camera he’s carrying?!


Is that Snookie from the Jersey Shore? Wow he definetely down graded from his ex-wife to this cheeseball!