Kelly Clarkson: I’d Like To Be Married With Four Kids

It’s been almost ten years since Kelly Clarkson won the very first season of American Idol. And though the singer says she loves what she does, when asked if she saw herself still cranking out the tunes in 30 or 40 years she laid out a very different vision for her future.

“God, no. No. No. I love music, but hopefully I’m like married with four kids,” she replied emphatically. “I love what I do right now, but I live a very single life. I’m enjoying that, but I don’t plan on doing this forever.”

Kelly, who just released her fifth album, Stronger, has an active career but says that once she settles in a relationship and starts a family she’s prepared for her life to change. “I don’t know if I’ll retire,” she says, “but it won’t be as full-on. Obviously things will supersede music.”

As for finding that special someone, would the 29-year-old singer ever consider online dating? “Oh, God, no! ‘Oh, hey, I’m Kelly Clarkson, want to go on a date?’ That wouldn’t work for me, unless I lied to them, and I’m not going to lie to someone off the bat,” she laughs.

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