Rebecca Romijn Talks Pumpkins, Potty Training & Shedding The Post Pregnancy Pounds

A lot has changed for actress and model Rebecca Romijn since welcoming twins Dolly and Charlie two-and-a-half years ago; including how she celebrates Halloween.

“I’ve always gone really scary [and] put a Grim Reaper in the corner with a low light over it, but you can’t do that with kids,” Romijn tells the ladies of The Talk. “You know how you can go in two different directions for Halloween? Really scary or really cute Halloween — I’m now going really cute Halloween!

“I’ve been taking them to get manicures and [Dolly’s] been painting her nails black,” shares the Possessing Piper Rose star. But apparently, someone’s not completely sold on this whole Halloween thing yet…

All of a sudden [she] decided that everything Halloween is too scary. She’s been taking all of the pumpkins off the porch and putting them on the side of the house,” Rebecca dishes.

Showing off her new svelte figure, Romijn reveals that she recently shed the last of her pregnancy pounds.

“I’d gotten very fluffy for the whole childbearing experience. You do that when you get pregnant, and then you find out you’re having twins, then you’re nursing them for eight months, and then you’re finishing up their meals,” says the X-Men star. “I’d forgotten how much I was really supposed to be eating…and then fast food started making its way into their diets and I felt like I was getting lazy about food preparation.”

After changing her diet – cutting out starch, dairy and sugar – and turning to Bikram yoga, Romijn was able to reach her goal, but admits, “It’s been hard.”

Along with her weight, Rebecca’s also been busy tackling something else — potty training the twins; using any trick (or treat) she can to get the job done.

“I’m doing something that I shouldn’t be doing, which is bribing them with M&M’s,” Romijn laughs. “But it’s do or die at this point!

“I’m like, ‘If you go pee pee on the potty, you get an M&M,’ and they keep going, ‘On a plate?'” says Rebecca. “So every time they go I get the biggest plate I can find [and] put one M&M in the middle of it.”

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