LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Family Fun Day

LeAnn Rimes and hubby Eddie Cibrian took his two sons – Mason, 8, and Jake, 4 – to the zoo in Los Angeles for Boo at the Zoo on Sunday (October 30). The 29-year-old singer dressed up as a tiger and at one point was heard growling with the kids, who loved it!

“We just had the most wonderful and HOT time at ‘Boo At The Zoo,’” LeAnn tweeted after their fun family day.

The boys’ mother, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville, recently spoke out about LeAnn’s “inappropriate” behavior around her sons.

“When she has a child of her own, she’ll understand how a lot of the things she says and does regarding my children can be construed as really inappropriate,” said Brandi.

LeAnn has been quoted in the press stating that she cares for Mason and Jake “as if they are my own,” referring to herself as a “bonus mom” rather than a step-mother.

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  • Jenny

    Let’s see, Big Head “clean undies” pap Mike Kamara is back to creeping around doing set-ups with LeAnn Rimes so that they can make some money since Eddie is out of work? Pathetic.

  • sickofleannrimesfamily

    I know that Leann is a WIFE and all and Eddie is a BOUGHT AND PAID for HUSBAND, (not that either of them respected their previous husband or wife or their role as one in the past.) But these kids are clearly tired of being photographed and don’t deserve public parading every other day of the week. These are clearly set-ups, like the poster above me said. Honestly, how often did you see Leanna Rimes anymore BEFORE she cheated with Eddie? Case closed.

  • Anonymous

    So once again the media continues to glorify Eddie and Leann explotation of these kids. This wasn’t a family fun day, it was just another means for these two hasbeens(Eddie and Leann) to keep their names and faces in the press by thrusting those kids into the limelight. If they hadn’t invited the paps to the Zoo with them, would this site have even posted about them? How are EC and LR any different than those people who traffic kids for a profit?

    So what is Leann trying to prove with this staged photo-op? That EC isn’t cheating on her? Or that she isn’t an overbearing bonus mom because she takes the kids to the Zoo and invites the paps along to get candid shots of it? Or better yet did anyone check LR schedule because they always parade those kids in front of the paps when Leann has something very important to promote.

    There is something seriously wrong with Leann and EC. Why is she always putting her relationship with those kids on display? Most importantly why is Eddie Cibrian always putting his kids on display after he threatened to sue his ex-wife if she allowed the kids to make cameos on her show? Let’s not forget what EC stated in court documents.

    You left out very vital pieces of information about this lastest exploition of those boys, like how this was the SECOND time that Leann and Eddie pimped out those kids. It wasn’t goof enough that she invited the paps to the child’s soccer game, now she has to invite them to the Zoo? What about those photos where Leann was attempting to feel on Eddie’s behind while at the Zoo with those kids. And yet the media wants to keep telling us that these staged photo-ops are cute?

    How can the media keep glorifying the exploitation of these kids when Leann continues to be so mean and nasty to Brandi on twitter and even enourages her. Because the kids are smiling?

    And then Leann had the nerve to get upset because BG called her overbearing and inappropriate.

    • Anonymous

      You are what keep’s me coming back here, you freaking nutcase!

      • Anonymous


        WRONG, what keeps you coming back is Leann Rimes.

        Freaking nutcase: A 29 yo woman who is still so desperate for attention that she thrusts two innocent kids into the limelight and then sends her pr people to this site to do damage control when this all backfires against her.

        So what staged photo-op of those kids will Leann Rimes send to this site next? Hopefully not one of her at those kids schools.

  • Anonymous

    Now here is what the media should have asked:

    If Leann and Eddie are putting the kids first like LR claims in the daily tweets she makes about those kids on a public forum, why then did she and EC invite the paps to the kids soccer game and then to the zoo over the weekend?

    If those boys are EC and LR top priority, why do EC and LR continue to parade them in front of the paps and then plaster their faces all over the internet and tabloids? Yes, it’s more than obvious that LR and EC are tipping off the paps. Are we to assume that Leann’s and Eddie’s top priority is Leann and EC? How interesting that when giving the chance to walk the talk, LR and EC fail everytime. Why couldn’t they have went to the zoo without tipping off the paps? Because EC and LR are the worst type of attention seekers.

    Why does EC continue to allow LR to expose those kids to the paps when he was so adamant about his kids faces and names not being seen by millions of people to the point where he was set to sue his ex-wife? Consider how many photos that this site has posted of those kids with their mother. Strange right. And there is a pattern. Posts about BG to justify posting about LR when she makes her appearance with those kids which show up 1-2 weeks or so after they post about BG.

    Why is Leann Rimes STILL tweeting about those kids when EC stated, “A six year old and a two in a half year old do not need this kind of negative media attention or any type of public exposure.” Any type of public exposure. Since twitter is a public forum, doesn’t that count?

    Why is Leann Rimes still setting up these staged photo-ops with these kids, when EC stated “A six year old and a two in a half year old do not need this kind of negative media attention or any type of public exposure.” Once again ANY TYPE of public exposure would include Leann’s mouthpieces.

    Leann was just called overbearing by the kid’s mother, and the media doesn’t think that it’s odd that Leann is now bombarding the internet with DAILY staged photos of her and EC with those kids as if she is trying to debunk what BG said?

    Did you know that Leann thought it was okay to resume these staged photo-ops with the kids because she did a “good deed”? Yes, prior to releasing these staged photo-ops with these kids Leann attempted an image clean up. She released tons of articles about how she was an advocate for LGBT. So how does the media feel that Leann is using REAL LIFE issues just so that she can convince people that EC isn’t cheating on her and of course she is loving BG and EC kids when she calls the paps to get these photos of them?

    Did you know that in 2009 at about this time EC cheated on LR, so the media doesn’t find it at all odd that LR is bombarding the internet with “happy family” staged photos and photos of her engaging in pda at the zoo with EC?

    Why continue to support LR when she and her staff members(one which she crowned the bonus godfather for EC and BG kids) are cyberbullying BG, something LR stated that she doesn’t condone in the interview she gave to Pridesource 2-3 days before releasing these staged photos?

    • Anonymous

      Do you keep all this stuff in a text file so you can copy and paste? Or do you write it out each time you start one of your diatribes?

      • Anonymous

        Hi STACE2U

        Do you keep all this stuff in a text file so you can copy and paste?

        Or do you write it out each time you start one of your diatribes?

        Or are you holding a Skype session with Leann Rimes as you sit here and make these posts on this site?

        Hey nice to see that you didn’t drag out your other personalities? Are you saving that for the next staged photo-op that Leann Rimes sells to this site?

        So how many crazy/take your med posts are you going to write for this thread?

  • Anonymous

    And this “family fun day” has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that Brandi G show airs on Monday’s? Seriously, why is Leann so insecure to the point where she parades Brandi’s kids in front of the paps? What is Leann trying to prove?

    Well one thing is for sure, if the media wouldn’t call Leann out on how she constantly exploits those kids for her own personal gain then we know that for the right price they would hide Eddie’s affairs.

    • Anonymous

      There are medications you can take for this, you know.

      • Anonymous

        Hi STACE2U,

        Yes we know that there are medications that Leann Rimes can take so that she doesn’t have to resort to pimping out two innocent kids just to keep her name and face in the press.

        So Leann Rimes is upset because someone dared to ask the obvious?

        Obviously you know all about taking medications, since you show up each and every thread using the same line over and over.

        So how many crazy/take your med posts are you going to make in this thread?

  • Anonymous

    Well what do you know, Leann is on the cover of some country magazine because she gave them an exclusive interview. So once again these kids were exploited by LR and EC because LR had something very important to promote just like we speculated.

  • Anonymous

    Wasn’t Eddie Cibrian injured by a steel door? Strange how he is able to walk around like this at a zoo and carry a child without ANY difficulty. So we can conclude that Eddie’s injury was a lie or wasn’t as bad as Leann and NBC made it out to be. If they would go so far as to fake an injury, then we know that everything else these two is also for show.

    Leann is going to be presenting for the CMTs, so expect more “happy family and devoted bonus mom” photos with Eddie’s kids because these two hasbeens are just that desperate to keep their names in the press.

  • Anonymous

    There is a great article (This is not a Bonus Mom) on the blog, Suburban Turmoil written by LF. She is also a stepmother and has some very good advice for Leann Rimes.

    This is an example of the advice that the author, who is also a stepmother, gave to Leann:

    “But then someone like LeAnn Rimes comes along– and, well, see for yourself.(They show a screen shot of Leann’s bio)…LeAnn. LeAnn, LeAnn, LeAnn. From one stepmother to another? You are not a Bonus Mom. If we want to get specific here, you’re actually the one that ended the relationship between the real mom and dad of those “adorable Rascals.” I feel pretty certain that you are a “bonus” that those boys could have done without. Your war of words with your husband’s ex has been well-documented by the media and even though I know how irritating and unfair it can be when your stepchildren’s mother says something nasty about you, your best defense, if you really, truly care about the kids (and Gisele, I hope you’re listening too) is SILENCE. SILENCE.”

    “A stepmom is not a bonus mom. My advice to LeAnn, to other new stepmoms, hell, to myself ten years ago, is to take the “wind beneath their wings” approach. Avoid conflict with the kids’ mom. Be ready and willing to take a step back at birthday parties and sports events. You do not need to prove to the world how much YOU CARE. Be there for the kids when they need you, but be willing to back off when they’re feeling conflicted, or when their mom is causing trouble, or when it’s creating problems in your own marriage. It might not be best for you and your feelings (and in a world where YOUR FEELINGS are EVERYTHING, I realize that this can be very hard to take), but if you really do want the best for the members of your blended family, you’ll do it for them.”

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