Melanie Brown’s Daughter, Phoenix Files Police Report Against Father

Frightening news for Mel B.

Radar Online has learned that the former Spice Girl’s eldest daughter, Phoenix Chi Brown, 12, filed a police report against her biological father, Jimmy Gulzar on October 11, citing battery after he refused to let her leave his L.A. apartment, leading to a standoff with law enforcement that witnesses say lasted for “several hours.”

“When it became clear that Gulzar wasn’t going to turn Phoenix over, LAPD responded and told Jimmy he had to allow his daughter to leave his apartment,” a source tells the website. “When Phoenix came out, she was extremely distraught and very upset. The police immediately took her to the police station to fill out a report.”

The report, obtained by Radar, states: “Victim is suspect’s daughter. Susp has visitation rights w/daughter. When daughter attempted to leave susp’s house to return to mother’s home, susp grabbed vict’s arm refusing to let her leave.”

Phoenix’s mother, Mel B has primary custody of the pre-teen and is currently in Australia with all three of her children – Phoenix, 12, Angel, 4, and baby Madison – and husband Stephen Belafonte, where she’s filming The X Factor.

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  • Janna

    The headline says that she “filed charges”, the article says that she “filed a police report”. Nowhere does it say that anyone was arrested, so what’s with the “filed charges” headline???

    I wonder why she was trying to leave to return to her mother’s home, if her mother is in Australia? Obviously, no one knows what happened here, but I wouldn’t let my 12-year old daughter leave to return to her house if her mother wasn’t there either.

  • Anonymous

    Re read please. It happened on the 11th. Phoenix is with her mother in Australia now.

  • Shayla Perry

    Thanks Janna. Corrected the headline. It never specifies where Mel B was at the time or whether or not someone was there to pick her up, but I’m sure more details are to come.

    • Janna

      I didn’t realize this happened back on Oct 11th. I assumed it *just* happened, that’s why I thought Mel B would have been in Australia when it happened. That’ll teach me to read!

  • Anonymous

    Grabbing your 12-year-old’s arm when she attempts to leave your home by herself is considered battery? Give me a break. He was trying to stop his child from running away and he had every right to do so, since her mother was obviously not there and did not come to pick her up.

    What a spoiled little brat.

  • Anonymous

    She obviously doesn’t want to be with her father. It sucks that she’s forced to be with her father through court order.

  • Anonymous

    Seriously, people need too actually read and make sure they understand the article before commenting. The article clearly states that this took place on the 11th, before the entire family went to Australia, that Phoenix was only visiting per a court order, and that when her step – father, Stephen Belfonte was there to pick her up, her biological father physically put his hands on her and would not let her leave. That is why the police were called, as they should have been. The only question that the article does not clearly address is whether charges were filed, a police report was filed or if Phoenix’s father, Jimmy Gulzar, was arrested. That’s their business and I feell awful for Phoenix that she is forced to deal with that. I’m sure he’s a real prize. And if I know Mel B., she won’t stand for her daughter to be treated that way. Terrible situation.

  • Anonymous

    The only thing I want to know is y does angel have her head on the ground? Lol

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