The Guncles Blog: “Simone Has Made 3 Trips To The Pumpkin Patch”

Happy Halloween from The Guncles!

Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood stars – Bill Horn and Scout Masterson – are the latest guest bloggers for Celebrity Baby Scoop. The reality TV dads say that “Halloween is serious business at the Masterson-Horn house!” They open up about their long-awaited journey to adopt daughter Simone, 17 months, and how they “look for any excuse to squeeze as much fun and excitement” into the holiday season with their sweet girl.

Read their latest guest blog about their festive – and jam-packed – Halloween season.

It’s finally Halloween and we’re ready for it to be over. Is that terrible to say out loud? In the past three weeks, Simone has made three trips to the pumpkin patch, been to two Halloween parties, and gone through two different costumes. There have been hay rides, pony rides, corn mazes, pig races, merry-go-round rides, and lots and lots of food. And all of this before Halloween Day.

As relatively new parents, we’ve taking every possible opportunity to squeeze in some Halloween fun. Overkill? Possibly. Certainly one costume, and one party, and one pig race is enough for any 17-month-old baby. But it was not that long ago when we were constantly checking emails and the dedicated land line in our house, to see if anyone had contacted us about a adopting a baby. We waited for so long and worked so hard to finally be able to welcome Simone into our home, that we now look for any excuse to squeeze as much fun and excitement into her day as possible. And while a baby’s first Halloween, or first Christmas, or first anything is always exciting for parents, more likely than not they’re still in that “blob” stage. We say that with love. But now at this age, Simone squeals with delight when she gets to pet a bunny rabbit, and runs smiling ear-to-ear when she sees a field of pumpkins. This is really the time in a baby’s life for firsts.

We hope that everyone has an amazing Halloween. Be safe. Have fun. And get ready to do it all over again in 12 months.

More from The Guncles’ in the coming days on Celebrity Baby Scoop! Follow them, and baby Simone, on Twitter at @ScoutMasterson and @TheBillHorn.

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  • sallyAnn

    I kind of think Simone resembles Stella McDermott. Just the way the bangs are cut across the forehead, the eyes, and the shape of the face.

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