Tori Spelling’s Costume Cuties


Tori Spelling took to Twitter today to share this cute photo of her kids Liam, 4, and Stella, 3, all decked out in their Halloween costumes: “This year, Liam chose to be a Ninja Transformer and Stella is a Darling Witch,” wrote the mom-of-three.

I wonder if their baby sister Hattie will be dressing up as well?

As for Tori, she revealed that she’s been suffering terrible migraines ever since she delivered Hattie earlier this month. In fact, they got so bad that she ended up in the hospital, though she Tweeted that she’s “doing better” now.

We hope she feels good as new soon!

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  1. sallyAnn

    So what hand sign is Liam “throwing up”? I am a little clueless when it comes to all the different signs.

  2. Ondine

    A cute sexy witch, just what I don’t like to see a little girl wearing.

  3. Anonymous

    It’s the makeup that appears “sexy”. I would not let my 3 yo girl wear this makeup. Very Elvira-esque

  4. anonymous

    I think she looks too sexy for her age too, so I guess you are the one who is off base anonymous 3:34! Tori should have some class and dress her kids age appropriately.

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