Beyoncé Puts A Scarf On It

Beyoncé took a casual approach as she entered an office building in New York City on Tuesday (November 1).

The pregnant singer – who is expecting her first child with husband Jay-Z in February – looked gorgeous in blue jeans, a red coat and a flowing scarf that hid her growing baby bump.

There was a buzz in the air last night as the Single Ladies songstress stepped out in a black-and-yellow bee costume to attend a Halloween party.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • Anonymous

    still doesn’t look pregnant…and if she was, why does she keep covering it with scarves, purses, and big clothes when she’s already announced to the world that she was pregnant…somethings not adding up.

    • Anonymous

      You sound like a total douche… you probably believe every lie the media tells you! Why would anyone annouce they are pregnant when they are not?

  • Anonymous

    she is pregnant no doubt about it, didnt you watch the mtv. get over yourself mate

  • Anonymous

    she is not pregnant………

    • Anonymous

      Are you certain?

  • Anonymous

    Beyonce’s Preganancy is real!!!!!!! if you don’t believe me than go google those pics of showing of bare baby bump last september in Italy. she doesn’t need to fake a preganancy to attention, so stop believing every thing you hear & read because the media lies too!!!! I hope & pray that Beyonce has a very healthy safe preganancy and a very heathy beautiful child 🙂 May God Bless Beyonce, Jay-z & Baby Carter 🙂

    • Anonymous

      I just can’t believe anyone would CARE if her pregnancy is real. If she’s pregnant, great! If she’s faking it, so what? If she has an alien carrying her baby for her, whoop de do!

      I personally can’t imagine why she’d fake it, and if it were me, these stupid rumors would bug the heck out of me. Hopefully, she’s not bothered by them.

  • Shanice

    Shes really pregnant. People keep saying it’s because she hasn’t gained any weight. Well, if you look at her from May up until now, you definately notice the weight change. My mom commented on how skinny Beyonce was at the beginning of me making her watch and look at every single thing Beyonce came out with this summer. Then when she saw the Roseland clips a week before the VMAs, she said that Beyonce was pregnant. Mind you my mom has 5 kids of her own and 14 grandkids.

  • AnonymousMatt

    Then how do u explain her freaking stomach folding in half lol!

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