Orlando Bloom’s Cherubic Cutie

Those cheeks!

Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr’s son Flynn was spotted with his nanny in New York City on Tuesday (November 1). With a bee costume dangling from the stroller, the 11-month-old baby looked adorable with a finger in his mouth. The Three Musketeers star also was out taking a walk with a friend.

Later this month Miranda will be strutting down the runway wearing the Victoria Secret’s Fantasy Treasury Bra. The unique piece contains nearly 3,400 gems, including 142 carats of white and yellow diamonds.

Miranda recently said, “It’s very special. And now I feel better than ever. I feel healthier than I’ve ever felt. It was wonderful to have a bit of time off after I was pregnant and having Flynn. But now I’m back in the swing of things and it feels good.”

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • anonymous

    This kid needs a hat and a coat. It was cold in New York yesterday.

  • Mikki

    Flynn has his Mommy’s cheeks, but he definitly has his Daddy’s beautiful eyes!

  • Anonymous

    Youd think they could afford a better stroller. I have noticed mirander dresses flynn in very boring and cheap baby clothes. Im sure they have the money.. So so stingy. Im not rich but i still dress my kids in good clothes, shoes etc . I hope others have noticed how stingy mirander and orlando are when it comes to flynn.

    • r

      It’s not a shame if you decide to wear your child in a cheaper way… children doesn’t need brands to be happy unless you teach them this philosophy… Flynn has 2 loving parents – the most important thing – i’m so happy she doesn’t wear him like a rag doll, like most of all others celebrities mothers do

  • Anonymous

    relax urself, its their kid. its better to put that money into an education fund for their child – because neither of them have jobs that they may be in for the rest of their lives. Particularly in fashion, one day your in, the next day your out. Once he is warm, fed, safe and loved – its all good. In our world today consumerism has gotten out of control – stingy …. never heard such a thing in my life

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