Justin Bieber Denies Reported Paternity Claim

No “baby, baby” for Justin Bieber.

The 17-year-old pop superstar is hitting back against allegations that he’s the dad of a 3-month-old baby boy.

Star magazine reports that 20-year-old California native Mariah Yeater has filed a paternity lawsuit against Justin, claiming he’s the father of her newborn son and asking for child support.

Justin’s camp issued this response today: “While we haven’t yet seen THE LAWSUIT, it’s sad that someone would fabricate, malicious, defamatory AND demonstrably false claims. We WILL VIGOROUSLY PURSUE all available legal remedies to DEFEND AND protect Justin against THESE ALLEGATIONS.”

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  1. Anonymous

    Doubt JB even has any lead in his pencil 😉 I have more chance of being the father, and I live in England and I’m female 😉

  2. Justin really!

    When is she going to be on the talk shows. She picked the wrong dude!
    Star magazine really. That is where this claim from!
    Why not just say her name.. As if Justin would take her into a public bathroom
    And have sex in a public bathroom when he said he is not having sex till he is
    Married! He is with 4 black body guards with him all the time…!! Where were
    Them! She should show her face!

  3. Anonymous

    HAHAHAHA!!!! @Anon 1:11 Exactly what I was thinking..slow news day huh?
    I doubt he has done the do. All these fake publicity relationships are too Kardashianess (is that a word?)

  4. Bink

    Sorry Justin, goes with the territory.

  5. Anonymous

    @Justin really said “He is with 4 black body guards with him all the time”.

    No, he doesn’t. He was caught frolicking in the water making out with Selena totally pressed up against each other. They were also seen together in a hotel room ordering room service. And there were NO body guards with them. His mother allows her teenage son to shack up in hotels with his older girlfriend and it doesn’t take that long to have sex. The only way to prove he isn’t the father is to take a paternity test.

  6. Anonymous 2

    I don’t have to see the baby and I don’t buy it. lol Kind of creepy that a 20-year-old would even “admit” to having sex with a 17-year-old. And he would’ve been 16 or so at the time of conception. Gross.

    • Anonymous

      I wondered about this. In some places the age of consent is actually 18, so depending on where it allegedly happened, she could actually be admitting to statutory rape (given the apparent three-year age difference) by making this claim.

  7. Anonymous

    Justin really! @“he said he is not having sex till he is Married “ Have you seen the photos of him and Selena on the beach having a full-blown make out session in public and Justin grabbing Selena ass; if you think that their not having sex than I have island in the Florida keys to sell you. He lying about the no sex till he is Married thing to fit his image of a good holism Christian boy, Britney Spears did the same thing I’m a virgin then it came out later that the whole thing was a lie and Justin Timberlake wasn’t even her first.

    As for this story who knows

  8. SMH

    It’s sad that at 17 these are now the types of rumors a person has to shoot down!!!

  9. Anonymous

    if you want to stop the gay rumors JB- get a new stylist-better yet- stop using a stylist…..

  10. Anonymous

    I don’t know why anyone would think he’s gay when it’s very clear he has a GIRLFRIEND. And anonymous @ 11:39 – good point. If it’s true, she’s admitting to statutory rape.

    • Anonymous

      Lots of gay men, especially those in the entertainment industry, have “girlfriends.” They’re called beards. It’s just for show. Heck, lots of non-famous gay men even get married and have children because they’re in denial or don’t want to suffer from anti-gay discrimination. Doesn’t prove they’re not still gay, though.

      All that said, I am not saying I think Bieber is gay, or that I care in any way. The only think I really care about is I wish he would go away and take all his incredibly annoying fans with him.

    • Anonymous

      Almost every gay guy I know has had girlfriends especially in high school. Ricky Martin , NPH, Lance Black…. all had GF’s. BTW I don’t believe the story.

  11. Europa

    I hardly think he’s gay. Selena isn’t spending overnights in hotel rooms with hin just so they can watch cartoons and order room service.

  12. LaKesha

    I’m suprised that mothers on this site would make these horrible comments about a 17 year old child.

    • anonymous

      LaKesha- People make rude comments about babies on this site so I am pretty sure they would not hold back from being rude to a 17 year old. My issue with this story (if true) is how come so many people (rich, famous, poor, regular folks, uneducated or highly educated) DO NOT USE BIRTH CONTROL. WIth HIV and all those STD out there why take the chance? If you dont want kids USE BIRTH CONTROL. Very simple actually.

    • mom of 2

      Lakesha –
      Mothers??!! I hope not. In case you haven’t noticed, increasingly comments on this site seem to be from immature, unschooled, individuals (teenagers??) who probably don’t know one end of a baby from the other. It’s disappointing, because I always used to think of this as the site run by moms, for moms and about (celeb) moms — not a place for misfits to rant and rave.

  13. Anonymous

    You know what’s really sad? The ridiculous posts on this article. From bashing him, to calling him gay, to calling the girl a pedophile, to the hideous spelling and grammar of almost every post. I can’t help but believe that everyone who posted here is only 12 years old themselves, and boy, do they have a lot of growing up to do.

  14. Already seen Mariah already!

    Selena is the same age this tattooed woman Mariah is not 20. She looks like a
    Horeasho ..! She does not look like a woman who would go after a 16 year old
    Who was riding around on a big 2 wheel scooter.. Have you seen him back stage.
    He has a lot of people with him…As this woman would get near him.. As for grab bin Selena’s behind they are in love not a fan who wants to be the next Rachel

  15. Anonymous

    OMG, I would LOVE for the paternity test to come back with him as the father!! I would laugh and laugh. Prob though even if he is the father they won’t admit it to save his rep. Until the media would eventually leak the story.

  16. Already seen Mariah already!

    Well guess what Jen Aniston got Married….That is right and she and Justin are
    Very happy about it must make Brad happy?..The Star Magazine Cover! This week so guess it is true everything that The Star says is TRUE!

    So Justin had sex in a public bathroom Where anyone can see them…what no
    Phone videos? Pix. Coming next ?

  17. Anonymous

    If I were him and his managers (and the baby really WASN’T mine), I’d use this as publicity, marching myself right into a lab to prove that this lady is a wacko and bemoaning how awful it is that someone would make this accusation and include all those salicious details.

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