Minnie Driver Talks Education & Parenting

As a single mom to a busy 3-year-old boy, actress Minnie Driver surely has a pretty jam-packed schedule. But the 41-year-old star happily makes time to chat about her role as an arts education advocate: “I’ll talk about it until I’m blue in the face,” she tells Radio Times. “Teachers need to be celebrated and valued. I had magical teachers growing up in England. It was life-changing.”

Now it’s her son Henry’s turn to experience those magical school years, and Minnie seems determined to be a very hands-on mom, already going to read at his preschool twice a week. Outside of his formal education, she is trying to teach him other things as well, like a love of the great outdoors and of music.

“I bought him a ukulele and he can play three chords already,” Minnie boasts. “By the time he’s 14 and shredding his guitar, painting his room black, it’ll be second nature.”

Though Henry is her first and only child, the Barney’s Version star says that her dogs helped to prepare her for parenting.

“Having labradors was the best training for having a boy. They need you to play and tussle with them and run them ragged every day,” she explains. “That’s what boys need. Then they need you to turn back into Mummy at bath time and have all of that delicious nurturing and coddling.”

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  • Anonymous

    This kid could pass for Will Farrell’s son.

  • Anonymous

    Thinking same thing!!!

  • Anonymous

    Sooo That’s why she never…Oh nevermind

  • Anonymous

    Actually he looks a lot like a (non-famous) man who’s been pictured with them more than once and described as a “friend.” Much more likely that man’s the father.

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