Jessica Simpson Plans A Post-Baby Wedding

Bride-to-be Jessica Simpson likely won’t be hearing those wedding bells ring anytime soon. reports that the expectant mom’s walk down the aisle has been postponed due to her big baby news.

“They’re both still really committed to getting married, and were both really into making decisions about what kind of wedding they wanted,” says a friend of Jessica and her fiance Eric Johnson. “It’s just going to be at a later date now [because] they really want to enjoy this time in their lives.”

Though the couple, who confirmed the pregnancy just this week, may not have planned on starting a family quite so soon, they are reportedly thrilled at the prospect of becoming parents.

“They’re really excited. It wasn’t something they planned per se, but it’s also not something they were trying to avoid,” says the source, adding, “They’re both very family-oriented and having a baby is something they both wanted. It’s wonderful!”

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  1. Elizabeth

    Not that I care moral-wise, but it’s ironic how both daughters ended up pregnant before marriage, esp. with the whole virgin thing. Also, for the life of me, how can all these “unplanned” pregnancies happen? They have got to know if they don’t use something, pregnancy could/will happen.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t see anything here i haven’t seen anywhere else. I was raised going to private Catholic schools, and the things i’ve seen are unbelievable.

    • Anonymous

      Same thing happened with Miranda kerr she was pregnant when she got married to Orlando bloom. Same with Johnny depps long time girlfriend she got preggo 3 months after meeting johnny LMAO but they never got married( i wonder why gee maybe because he thinks she’s a you know what for getting pregnant that fast and easy)!!

    • Anonymous

      Same thing happened with Miranda kerr she was pregnant when she got married to Orlando bloom. Same with Johnny depps long time girlfriend, she got pregnant 3 months after meeting him LMAOO!! They never got married though (gee i wonder why maybe because he thinks she’s a you know what for getting pregnant 3 months after meeting so fast and easy)

      • Janna

        Did you just suggest that Johnny Depp thinks his girlfriend is a “you know what” because she was pregnant 3 months after they met?

        First of all, use your big girl/boy words.

        Secondly, if he thinks she’s a “you know what”, he must be pretty happy about it since I think they’ve been together more than a dozen years.

        • Anonymous

          You ever think he stayed with her for the CHILDRENS sake? I know plenty of men who stay in relationships because they love their children and know it would be easier and better if a child grows up with both parents in a house. Instead of having the child go house to house, one day in dads another day in moms. Same goes with women who stay in relationships after they were cheated on for the childrens sake of having their children wake up with both parents in the house. I can’t use big boy/girl words for i will get reported most likely by YOU just because you got offended by my comment.

    • Anonymous

      I read an article (who knows who true it was) that she purposefully went off birth control after being in a relationship with her fiance for 6 months or so.

      It really was her father trying to sell the whole virgin thing. Obviously, she didn’t care if baby came before marriage.

    • Anonymous

      Jessica was only a virgin ’til marriage when she was trying to make a career as a Christian pop singer (a path Ashlee never pursued) and when that didn’t take off, it was no longer a big deal.

    • Anonymous

      She was a virgin until marriage with Nick.

  2. Already seen Mariah already!

    What happen to her pregnancy bulge ?…Did she forget to put it in?
    This a fake pregnancy! Notice how big it was last week …now there is
    A small bump…what is up with that?

  3. Anonymous

    Smart choice. When a couple has a baby this early into their relationship, it doesn’t usually last. Good luck to them!

  4. Anonymous

    It’s hard to say. Birth control DOES fail and condoms DO FAIL as well. Sex equals babies case closed, no protection is 100%. However sometimes you just have to wonder whether these babies actually were unplanned.

  5. Lauren

    lol @ Elizabeth, I got pregnant while I was on the pill for 9 years. It happens :\

    I remember watching them (Jessica and her sister) when I was growing up and they would always talk about their super religious upbringing. Yet its kind of ironic how they ended up getting pregnant out of wed-lock and are both divorced (I am not religious but I thought divorce was a sin in Christianity). Personally I think there is nothing wrong with that, its just kind of ironic..

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