Linda Evangelista & Augustin Walk Hand In Hand

Model mom Linda Evangelista and her 5-year-old son Augustin walked hand in hand in New York City on Tuesday (November 1).

The Canadian supermodel is seeking $46,000 a month in child support from Francois-Henri Pinault, Salma Hayek‘s husband and the father of her sweet son.

The model has asked for the amount, which judge Matthew Troy noted would be record-breaking. “That would probably be the largest support order in the history of the Family Court,” he said.

According to Evangelista’s lawyer, it would cover full-time nannies at $80,000-a-year and armed bodyguards, which costs upwards of $175,000-a-year. Considering Pinault’s estimated $11.5 billion fortune it wouldn’t be a hardship on him, but enough to cause the judge to query Evangelista on how many days a week she works.

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • Amy

    How greedy!! No child needs that much money per month to survive. That’s more than most FAMILIES bring home in one year!

    • Anonymous

      What most families make in a year is absolutel irrelevant to this case. The child should be brought up in the lifestyle of his parents, in this case, both multi-millionaires (actually, his father is a billionaire).

      Regular rules and amounts don’t apply here. Don’t be naive.

    • TLP

      Get real, Amy! This kid’s father is worth 11 BILLION DOLLARS!! Without round-the-clock security, do you realize how easy it would be for this little boy to be kidnapped and held for ransom? Most families do not have that problem.

  • Get With It

    This little boy deserves so much love and respect from his parents, and oh how I wish that he and this situation could have been handled out of the public. His father should have paid and done everything to avoid this. His mother should have done the same. I hope it was not greed on her part, and cheap on the father’s part.

  • Debsa

    OMG! Those boots are awesome…

  • Amy

    Anonymous and TLP: I’m far from naive. Perhaps you should know me before you place your adjectives upon me. My statement was simply meant to be indicative of the fact that no child necessiates that much money per month for living. If the father is concerned about security, then perhaps HE should pay the bodyguards willingly; and, if she necessitates full-time nannies at $80,000/yr, then SHE should pay that willingly. Too many wealthy people claim that the need for that amount of money is “for the children’s lifestyle”.

  • Kim

    But Amy, you ARE naive. This is no different than a any other child support case with the exception that the father is a billionaire and the mother is a millionaire. You mention that the father should pay for security — well, that’s the point of a child support lawsuit – he hasn’t been paying. Every parent wants the best for their child in the areas of education and protection, Linda Evangelista is no different. And in this child’s case, the cost is significantly higher.

  • they sure are Dabsu

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