Kate Gosselin Criticized After Son Is Photographed Crawling Under Van

More trouble for Kate Gosselin.

In the same week that her decision to let her eight children be filmed for a reality show has been brought back into the spotlight, the single mom is now catching heat after one her sons was seen crawling under the family’s van as she sat in the driver’s seat.

Radar Online reports that Gosselin, 36, was picking her children up from the bus stop in Pennsylvania on Thursday (November 3), waiting behind the wheel as the kids got off the bus and climbed into the van.

But instead of getting into the vehicle, one of her sons crawled under it to get some of his papers that had blown away. In photographs of the incident, he can be seen lying on his stomach underneath the body of the car with his head under the front right wheel.

Is it Kate’s fault?

According to Janette Fennell, president of KidsandCars.org, the answer is yes!

“She should have gotten out of the car to supervise them, especially when you have that many children,” Fennell tells Radar, explaining that motor vehicles are the biggest cause of death amongst adolescents, and adding that Kate and her crew are “blessed” that she didn’t step on the gas.

“You should never leave children unattended in or around motor vehicles,” says Fennell. “Even if they are all capable of getting themselves into the van and getting buckled up, children at that age are unpredictable.”

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • Anonymous

    Here’s what Kate says about the situation.. (taken directly from her verified Twitter) “Re stupid article: it was on Tuesday&kind Collin offered w my permission2retrieve Hannah’s dropped h2o bottle. Typical tab tale; no facts!”

    • Anonymous

      people are always looking for the smallest thing to pick on. They have never been a parent and when they do become one………….one day they will say i can’t believe i said that,look what i just done

  • LaKesha

    All parents make mistakes. Luckily the child was not harmed. I’m sure this is something she will never let happen again. Let the judgmental, perfect mothers now comment…

  • Anonymous

    Seems pretty clear he’s under there getting a paper that he dropped.

  • Give her a break !!!

    Her son dropped his paper under the van. Give it a break already. She has 8 kids she is raising and doing a great job of it most people wouldn’t have any patience or sanity left. She hasn’t shown any reason for people to give her a hard time. Lets give her applause instead.She is very protective of the kids and would never let them be in harms way.

    • Grace

      She’s given people plenty of reasons to cricitize her. But don’t let my logic interrupt your blind worship of this vile woman who has exploiting her children for cash.

  • Anonymous

    I swear they make a website/group for everything! Is there a group or website for hosuewives that need a job rather than sit there and complain about how other people raise their kids? seriously its not that big of a deal. I live in the inner city where kids do this. It looks like one of the oldest twins are watching him as he goes down there. Calm down and live your own lives

  • Anonymous

    Kids will be kids. I agree with what Janette Fennell said, she should be supervising with that many kids. Especially with the chance that one of them might get left behind.

  • Sujinah

    I do believe that it is highly dangerous … She should have been the last one to enter the car, in my opinion.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t understand why the reason they were under there matters. It’s still incredibly dangerous. If you drop something under the bus and it’s really that important to retrieve it, a sensible person would clear everyone out of the way and move the bus first. This isn’t just hypothetical – when I was in elementary school, a kid was killed when he accidentally got pulled under the wheels of a school bus that rolled. It just isn’t something you take chances with when kids are involved.

  • Ondine

    A Mercedes Sprinter, nothing but the best for this gal and her brood.

    • Anonymous

      What’s your point?

  • Janna

    With the exception of one person, no one here has criticized her yet, so maybe people ARE trying to be less judgmental of the most mundane things.

    Sujinah, I’d like to know why you think this is “highly dangerous”?

    • Sujinah

      A kid under a car is very dangerous! I don’t understand why people don’t see how dangerous this can be. Everyone is saying “Oh it’s fine, nothing happened.” as if it was okay to let a child go under a car.
      I guess people are saying it is not dangerous because they don’t know someone who died in a situation like this.

  • thegirl

    Lucky she didn’t step on the gas? The car probably wasn’t even started. People just like to nitpick

  • SMH

    Looks like he was retreiving something like she states. Wasn’t like the car was moving. Although I don’t like KG you can’t really get on her for this is was a NBD situation.

  • melo1983

    I’m not going to bash her over this, all children do things that people want to blame the parents for.

  • Pau

    Well, you can clearly see on the picture it’s not a bottle what he is getting. Even if she knew he was there and the car wasn’t moving or started, i still think it’s dangerous she allowed him to get under the car…

  • SiervaMaria

    Although I don’t believe it’s a move she should repeat………Kate, the next time it happens, just drive the car from the spot and “you” safely retrieve the item………..I think she’s getting undo judgement about this.

  • Mags Anonymous

    For crying out loud. People HAVE to stop being so hypercritical! She did NOTHING wrong. The van’s door is open, some kids are still boarding, they are obviously looking out for each other. Stop making a mountain out of a molehill please and leave the poor woman alone. I bet the people that complain don’t have many kids.

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