Kate Middleton’s Food Choice Sparks More Royal Baby Rumors

Are Kate Middleton and Prince William expecting their first child?

Baby rumors have run rampant (again!) after the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge made a recent appearance in Copenhagen, where they visited a United Nations aid depot and Kate politely declined a sample of peanut paste.

Many doctors have long urged pregnant women to stay away from peanuts and peanut bi-products during pregnancy to avoid allergies, but is that what kept Kate from partaking in the paste?

Adding to the speculation is word from the Palace.

“Her spokesman went out of their way to stress that she has no nut allergy whatsoever,” Duncan Larcrombe of The Sun tells ABC News.

Add that to the British parliament’s decision to change the country’s 300-year-old succession rules last week, and people are starting to wonder…. Is she or isn’t she?

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  • @naleotino

    I hope that is true

  • Anonymous

    Maybe she doesn’t like peanut butter?

  • Anonymous

    Also, The Sun is NOT a reliable source. They are the scum of the earth, don’t believe anything they say/report. So she could have a nut allergy.

  • Anonymous

    i dont get how the change in the succession rules have any effect on them, her being pregnant or otherwise. i thought that had to do with letting women take the thrown before men if they are older?

    • Anonymous

      The article isn’t suggesting it would affect her. It would affect her future children, particularly if her first child is a daughter, who would now be able to be queen first even if she has younger brothers. That’s why a change in the succession rules matters with respect to Kate being pregnant or not. (P.S. it’s throne, not thrown.)

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Pregnant? She’s probably incapable of becoming pregnant as she has lost an enormous amount of weight and is quite emaciated.

  • Anonymous

    She politely declined because of the calories.

  • Anonymous

    Uh maybe she doesn’t like peanut butter? Or maybe she is watching her calories? And anyway, I ate peanut butter all the time when pregnant and nursing and my son has no peanut allergy.

  • Anonymous

    Good lord. Maybe she just doesn’t like peanuts?

  • Anonymous

    I’m almost 9 months pregnant and have never read or heard anything about avoiding peanuts or peanut products in pregnancy. Maybe she just doesn’t like peanuts? My husband hates peanut butter. Not everyone’s a fan of nuts!

    • Anonymous

      I was thinking the same thing! Am I missing something? 🙂

  • Anonymous

    She needs to eat something. Anything. Lots of it.

  • Anonymous

    Hmmmm… maybe, judging by her frail, disappearing frame- she’s avoiding food

  • get real

    Ummm… we’re talking about the ultra-thin Kate, right, who would presumably refuse anything that has more than 100 kcal in it? So why marvelling at her refusing ‘highly fattening’ peanut butter? Had she tasted it, it would have made another headline I suppose: Kate eating, at last.

  • Sandy Eve

    She IS trying to gain wight…

    • Anonymous

      Really, Sandy?? Pray tell, where did you hear this because she is slipping away a bit more each day — soon she will be reported missing.

  • Anonymous

    Its stupid to think she’s pregnant because of refusing to eat peanut butter, there are lots of other reasons for women not to have peanut butter. Also why so much pressure on her to get pregnant? Just because everyone in the royal family had baby soon after got married, doesn’t mean she has to be the same.

  • vicky

    Probably more to do with her diet, you have seen how thin she is??? Nuts are full of oil!!

  • Diana’s life in Kensington Palace

    She said already that she does not want children right now she wants to Honeymoon with William alone! She has no reason to have an heir right
    Now! Charles is next in line to the Throne! Than when he dies or is too
    Old Will will take over! Diana was Married to Charles who had to produce
    An Heir and the Spare! Not Kate..who can have kids 5 years from now! If
    She chooses. She seems to be living Diana’s life living in Kensington Palace
    In the same apartment that Will and Harry grew up in and now she has ti
    produce an heir? Why?

  • Gail

    Well according to the London Daily Newspaper Princess Margaret apartment
    Is going to be used by Princess and Prince of Kent. Paid for by the Queen.
    Until their retirement . So Will and Kate won’t be living there. And that Diana’s
    Apartment has not been used since she died! So I guess that Will and Kate must
    Be living somewhere else! Since they are Not having a. Baby right now! There is no need too right now!

  • Country girl

    Poor Kate I really feel for her. Everything she does or doesnt do is commented on. Please people get a life, let her get on with hers!
    She might just not like peanut butter, some people dont – simple as that!

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