Kirstie Alley & Lillie: Lunch In Los Feliz

Kirstie Alley, her 17-year-old daughter Lillie and a friend had lunch in Los Feliz, Calif on Friday (November 4). On their way back to the car, the actress enjoyed a couple of cigarettes.

This past week Kirstie joked to Extra that she was pregnant.

Referring to her recent trip to Europe with So You Think You Can Dance contestant Serge Onik, she exclaimed, “I think it’s time to tell the world the big news. I’m pregnant! And it’s hard to get pregnant at my age. He’s so potent!”

She explained, “We went all around Europe, and we danced for different people’s charities. I’m also writing a book, so I went to Italy to write.”

Next up for Kirstie, who is now 60, is a TV pilot called Manzini.

She said it’s “about this Italian family that lives in Brooklyn. They move to Connecticut and they don’t fit in very well.”

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Photo credit: Flynet


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  1. Anonymous

    Super high heels at 16? I’m 17 and I wouldn’t wear high heels at all but each to their own I guess.

  2. Anonymous

    So glad she “enjoyed” killing herself.

  3. Anonymous

    Lillie is 17, not 16, but those shoes are still, um, a lot of shoe for a 17-year old.

    And Kirtie, dear, we love you, but no matter what you say, the world can see that you are NOT a size 4. We’ve accepted it, why can’t you?

  4. NYC Mommy

    I thinkthe heels are fine..My 16 and 18 year old daughters wear high heels and so do all their friends. I wore high heels when I was a teenager better than dyed hair, tattoos and piercings.

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