’16 And Pregnant’ Star Jordan Finder Gives Birth To Baby No. 2: Arri Monroe!

Congratulations are in order for Jordan Ward Finder! The 16 and Pregnant star announced via Twitter that she is now the proud mama of a baby girl – Arri Monroe Finder – who arrived on Sunday (November 6), shortly after midnight.

“She looks like her daddy! Could not be more in love with the two beautiful babies I have!” Jordan tweeted, posting a photo of her adorable newborn.

Jordan and her husband, Brian, were married in January of 2011. The couple are also parents to 1-year-old son, Noah.

Congrats again to the Finder family.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News, Twitter


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  1. musiclover

    I hate that these girls are given publicity for what….getting knocked up as teenagers? Really? CBB, please stop posting articles about these girls on this site. There only claim to fame is being on a “reality” show about teen pregnancy. I find nothing cute or entertaining about it…nor do I think we should be glorifying teen pregnancy.

    • Anonymous

      Trista Sutter’s only claim to fame is being on a reality show. They feature her here. Same for Kourtney Kardashian. And how about Melissa Rycroft.

      These two parents seem to be doing okay. Most of the time when celebs are pregnant, the first thing people whine about is that they’re not married. Well, these two are. You can’t make everyone happy.

    • Anonymous

      I agree teen moms need to get their head replaced and learn something! not get promoted and talked about and looked up to like what they’re doing is acceptable or the norm or admirable. Why on Earth is she on this site?? The funniest part would be when those teen moms give birth during school LMAO!!

      Hopefully teen pregnancy doesn’t become acceptable!! Next thing you know we’ll be seeing maternity leaves in school.

      • Anonymous

        Hopefully? Next thing you know? Where have you been, under a rock? Teen pregnancy has been around since the dawn of man, and there’s been maternity leaves in schools for decades.

      • Anonymous

        Some of the moms and dads have accepted responsibility for their pregnancy/child and have changed their lives to make a good life for their child. Jordan and Brian are examples of 2 young people who are determined to succeed as a family with their children and to have a loving and truly caring committed relationship! They should be proud of what they have accomplished.

    • Anonymous

      I hate that any “celebrity” is given publicity for being self-entitled jerks, but they still get it. So what’s the problem here? They’re husband and wife. They’re probably one of the very few “functional” relationships portrayed on that show.

  2. Anonymous

    I completely agree! Well said.

  3. Trina

    Good for Jordan..media says she is a great mom and her and hubby are doing a good job providing for their family. Not all teenage moms are statistics!

  4. Anonymous

    Reading about teen pregnancy and the publicity that goes with it. Go be a teen mom and you are famous. Ridiculous.

  5. jacquie109

    Congrats to their family!!! Baby girl is adorable!

  6. Rosy

    Meh, she’s not worthy of being posted about on a celebrity blog, come on!

    • Anonymous

      Seriously, the point of a celebrity baby blog is to feature the children of celebs who are famous for some reason *other* than for having children (you know – actors, models, athletes, etc.). If having children is the only reason they are (allegedly) famous in the first place, they’re not real celebrities and don’t belong here.

  7. Gina

    disgusting. She is neither a star nor someone to look up to. Please don’t post these people.

  8. r

    Congratulations to them and to their beautiful babies!
    I can’t stand all these stupid comments… I know their are young but they are great responsible parents, they have the support of their family and they can do what they want.
    They are the sweetest couple on the show, and I wish them a bright future!
    Sincerely, I find ridiculous “celebrities” such as kody brown, the duggars or kate gosseling…Those people became famous just for their kids, and they are exploiting them to make money

    • responsible?

      @R -What’s responsible about these idiots – they should not be breeding the planet has enough people on it already. Jeez is this what we tell young people today get pregnant at a young age and you may end up on TV. They are only on TV because they were too lazy to double check their protection. Kids of teenage parents are more likely to end up in prison and/or welfare.

      • r

        Oh god! You really need to get a life!We are 7 billions what should we do?
        Let people die instead of taking them to the hospital?
        Sterilize our children?
        Stop sending help for African orphans and street kids?
        They are in love, happy and more important they seem to be great parents. They can do what they want.

      • Anonymous

        Are you that simple in your beliefs, closed minded, or just plane ignorant? There is no proof that kids from teenage parents end up in prision. People say that like Dr. Drew because it sonds good, but thats crap. A married middleaged mother can make as many or more mistakes any teen mother. I am from a single parent upbringing, I also had my children young. I Have a 19 year old son who is in a great college on his own on scholarahips. My 17 year old daughter is graduating High School and already been accepted into Art school being paid for my partial schlorships, They have never been in jail or even a speeding ticket. They are indapendant mature and responisible young adults. And guess what they were raised by a 16 year old with no help from their father or grandparents. TELL THAT TO YOUR STATISCS. On behalf of my children and myself. Mr. Statistic up there can kiss my a@@. We are not a stastic!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Sophia

    Aw, Arri is so beautiful! Jordan is basically famous for being on TV, so are a lot of other moms featured on this site so I don’t really see what the big deal is. Yes the TV show she starred in revolved around teen pregnancy and motherhood, but being a teen mother doesn’t necessarily make you a bad mother. She seems to love her babies, so like… whatever. Cute baby girl 🙂

  10. Anonymous

    No wonder teenage pregnancy is going up. Because shows like 16&pregnant and teen mom that are supposed to show how hard it is being a mum, instead they make it look fabulous and easy and fun. So more and more teens are getting pregnant just because they think it’s the new fashion. They think it’s a toy and you get to act all grown up and play with it. I’m 19 and about to have my first child after my birth control failed. I know what it is like knowing you have responsibility. I want the best for my baby. That’s a mum and dad that are still together and doing everything to make ends meet just so our baby can have a good life with us

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