Gwen Stefani & Her Funky Little Dressers

Gwen Stefani and her boys Kingston, 5, and Zuma, 3, attended a birthday party in Los Angeles, Calif. on Sunday (November 6). With the help of their nanny, the family carried bags of gifts to the friend’s home.

Kingston wore a flat cap like his mom and was especially dressed super funky in plaid pants with a black and red tie.

The L.A.M.B designer once talked about her love of fashion.

For me it’s not that deep. For me the line is genuinely for myself. I want to make a line of clothes that I want to wear – it’s kind of selfish.”

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Photo credit: GSI Media

  • Anonymous

    Gwen dresses her kids in some very strange outfits.

    • Anonymous

      So true and it’s been like that since day one (i.e. the argument that the kids choose these outfits doesn’t pan out). Dressing them like this and bleaching their hair, etc., etc., has less to do with them expressing their individuality than her projecting her desire for attention onto her kids.

      She is always “performing” and not necessarily onstage. She takes great pains to be glammed up and accessorized even for the most mundane errand or time at the park. Most other celebs don’t seem so narcissistic and have no problem being casual when it seems right.

      • gerry

        Who knows what her motivations are, but I agree the kids’ outfits are over-the-top. As a multi-millionaire, you would expect them to be decked out in the best that money can buy, but she takes it a step further by dressing them up as little show ponies. Almost like the male version of toddlers in tiaras!

  • anon

    LOL – Gwen’s nanny could use some style-related coaching….acid wash jeans? ouch. I burned mine back in the late 80’s.

    • Anonymous

      i swear, I bought that exact same tie back in 1982 from a record store in the mall.

  • PandieLokimom

    I used to love her but she’s one of the celebrities that never is without her nanny (or nannies). It’s like she can’t take a walk down the street without her nannies there. I can the need for them with their careers, but it bugs me a bit. You see other celebrities that seem more like real parents, always out with their kids and often by themselves, but never her and she is always done up. I agree that she uses her kids and dresses them in ways she thinks are cool instead of what is comfortable and appropriate for them. I especially think dying Kingston’s hair blond was over the top and dangerous and unnecessary in such a young child. At this age they can wear nice clothing that is still comfortable for running around in and playing in etc. but some of the stuff I see her dress them in…especially Zuma, looks horribly uncomfortable for such a little guy.

    • Anonymous

      I totally agree PandieLokimom!!

      But brace yourself — there are a lot of passionate Gwen defenders out there!!

  • Jane56

    I agree about the hair bleaching and that she dress her kids over the top butthan again she also dress over the top, but I have never seen her kids wear any thing that prevents them from running around in and playing.

    • Anonymous

      Am I missing something – no one said or implied that.

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