Is Alicia Keys Expecting Baby No. 2?

Are musical power couple Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz expecting another baby?

Rumors began to swirl about a possible pregnancy after pictures surfaced of the duo at Friday’s (November 4) Keep A Child Alive Black Ball, with Keys wearing a sparkly top that seemed to be covering a small bump.

If the baby buzz is true, this will be the second child for the couple. Keys and her music producer husband welcomed their 1-year-old son Egypt in October of 2010.

Swizz Beatz is also dad to sons Nasir, 11, Kassem, Jr., 5, and daughter Nicole, 3, from previous relationships.

What do you think…. Is Alicia Keys hiding a bump?

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Photo credit: Flynet

  • Bink

    I vote Yes!

  • Anonymous

    I think Alicia looks very pretty here! If i looked really hard at the side picture i could possibly see a baby bump; but her face looks slim so i don’t know. But seriously; i couldn’t be a celeb! If i wear a flowing top or something that accidentally gives me the look of a “bump” I’d be labeled pregnant? I would have a serious complex!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks CBS for contributing to the self-consciousness of women everywhere by constantly speculating if someone is pregnant based on a “small bump”.

    You’ve seriously lost a fan here. I think you’re all shameful.

    • Anonymous

      this site is to keep people informed of celebrity baby gossip. that is what this is. gossip. they are simply addressing the rumors out there and asking everyones opinion. if you don’t like it, you shouldn’t be on this site!

    • Anonymous 2

      I have to agree. While I like the site I do find the “is that a bump?” speculation horrifying. Womens’ weight fluctuates all the time for various reasons. Not to mention the point I constantly bring up, which is we never know if a woman is pregnant but is not telling because she fears she’ll lose the pregnancy (and this has happened before. notably with Mariah Carey). So yeah. Not cool. Let’s let them reveal on thier own time.

  • Anonymous

    No, I don’t think she is. I believe Alicia usually plans well. I don’t think she would be on tour AGAIN pregnant and anyway hopefully she will adopt this time. She looks so pretty here.

  • Anonymous

    I think most people are basing their speculation on the fact he has his hand on her tummy in some pictures. She definitely does not look pregnant here. She looks absolutely beautiful and unpregnant. She is always a very beautiful lady pregnant or not.

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