The Guncles Launch Hold My Hand, An Adoption Mentoring Service

Are you considering or going through the adoption process? In celebration of National Adoption Awareness Month, reality TV dads Bill Horn and Scout Masterson (a.k.a. The Guncles) are launching Hold My Hand, a mentoring service for people on their journey toward adoption.

We’ve launched Hold My Hand to help guide prospective parents through many of the same issues we encountered, as well as help them get settled once their new baby arrives,” The Guncles tell Celebrity Baby Scoop exclusively. “We’ll be here to help our clients pick from the different forms of adoption, all the way through decorating a nursery.”

The loving dads of 1-year-old daughter Simone hope to enrich the lives of prospective parents-to-be. “We hope that everyone involved will be as happy looking into the eyes of their little ones, as we are looking into Simone’s.”

The mission of Hold My Hand is to guide people in all areas of the adoption process and to help them overcome their obstacles.

While on our journey, we wished there was someone there to hold our hand,” the dads share. “From tips on how and where to start the adoption process or utilizing social media to connect with a birthmother, to helping decorate and furnish the nursery – We’re here to hold your hand.”

They add: “We’re not social workers or trained professionals, we’re two dads who have been through the adoption process and want to help others through theirs.”

For more information about Hold My Hand, a not for profit business, visit

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  • Stacey

    You have my full support. Loving parents don’t come as a stereotype, I wish you the best of luck! You are two great people that deserve the best.

  • Melissa

    Awesome guys!!!!! You’re a great example of good “peeps” in this world. Lots of luck to you guys!!

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