Hugh Grant’s Daughter’s Name Means Happy Accident

Hugh Grant recently announced that he’s the dad of a baby daughter but hasn’t confirmed her name yet. It has been reported that it’s Jessica. The ex-boyfriend of Tinglan Hong recently spoke to the press and revealed that the baby has been given a traditional Chinese moniker which translates to Happy Accident.

Robert Hodge, whom Tinglan dated before her brief relationship with Grant, also says that the baby’s nickname is Bamboo.

He said, “She told me when Hugh is in the country, he comes to see ‘Bamboo’.”

Adding that Tinglan has been feeling a little down at the moment Hodge said, “I think she will be quite sad at the moment. She was looking for stability and children and in a way she’s got it. But it doesn’t look like she has someone standing by her.”

However, she does plan to ask Hugh’s ex-girlfriend, Elizabeth Hurley, to be Bamboo’s godmother.

Hugh was not at the birth on September 26. Instead he was at a political conference in Liverpool.

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Photo credit: Flynet

  • Anonymous

    Bamboo? Seriously?

  • r

    It means happy coincidence not accident…

  • Anonymous

    Wasn’t Jessica Simpson also an “accident?”

  • Ally

    This can’t be real. Would a parent really name their daughter Happy Accident, or is this story too good to be true? Doesn’t Tinglan live in London, anyway, not China as this story claims?

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