Jessica Simpson: “Pregnancy Is A Friend Of Mine”

No morning sickness for Jessica Simpson! The lucky mom-to-be says that she’s enjoyed an easy pregnancy so far, telling Access Hollywood, “I feel great, I honestly do.”

“Pregnancy is a friend of mine, so everything has been running smoothly,” Jessica, 31, adds. “So far, so good – no morning sickness. I feel great. I’m tired, but you know, I’m making a baby here!”

She also shares how she broke the big news to her fiancé Eric Johnson: “I did the pregnancy test. I was feeling a little off. I first told Eric, of course. He was in the house. He didn’t know that I was taking a pregnancy test, so I kind of shocked him. I came in shaking like, ‘Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! This is happening!’ We both cried. We were in shock and kind of just sat there and stared at each other.”

Confirming recent reports that she and Eric have decided to postpone the wedding until after their little one arrives, Jessica jokes that she was worried that pregnancy hormones might turn her into “bridezilla.”

“We were going to throw something together, but I’d rather put more time in it and be able to really enjoy the day. When you’re pregnant, your hormones go crazy. I don’t want to be super stressed out and end up being a bridezilla! So, I’ll wait until after.”

After finally confirming the baby rumors late last month, Jessica now reveals that she’s having “a spring baby.”

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  1. Anonymous

    Spring baby?!! Oh my, I thought she was maybe due in January!

  2. Anonymous

    Maybe it’s twins. Spring is a long way off..

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