’16 And Pregnant’ Star Ebony Jackson-Rendon Checks Into Rehab

Almost two months after the police raid that landed her 2-year-old daughter, Jocelyn, in temporary foster care, 16 and Pregnant‘s Ebony Jackson-Rendon has checked into rehab.

“Her state of mind is good,” Ebony’s father, Anthony Jackson, Sr. tells Star. “She has her ups and downs.”

This isn’t the first rehab stint for Ebony. According to her father, she spent the week following her arrest getting help for her depression, but to him, it just wasn’t enough.

“They put her on medication and released her, and I didn’t feel you can give her help in a week’s time and then she’s better,” Jackson explains. “She needs to continue getting help.”

Ebony previously spoke of her emotional issues, which she says were brought about by a painful miscarriage.

I’ve been depressed, anxious, dealing with the loss of [the baby]. I was already hospitalized at the beginning of June for suicide prevention.”

Losing Jocelyn was also difficult for Ebony and her husband, Joshua, but the 19-year-old mom says that the wake-up call is forcing them to “get [their] lives straight.”

For Anthony Jackson’s complete interview, check out the latest issue of Star, on newsstands now.

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  • Anonymous

    it’s amazing how 16 and pregnant can become a star and you blaming whay each day 16 years old girls became pregnant . just think againe

  • Emily

    poor gal. 🙁

  • Trina

    How sad. Being depressed is a terrible feeling, I hope her and Joshua get themselves together for eachother and for the babys sake. Blessings to them xoxo

  • Ashley

    people can be sad for these “parents” all they want but just because she is depressed doesnt mean you get to do drugs and deal drugs and still be the victim.They are the reason their daughter is in foster care and if they would have showed that they cared about their daughters safety and her well being they wouldnt have done it to begin with.


    DSHS raid…..I haven’t heard about this, what was it for? Can anyone fill in the details? Plz feel free to email me @ shamarie1970@yahoo.com
    Thank you

  • Anonymous

    I have watch this show several times. It’s entertaining but I got pregnant at 16 and I didn’t act anything like these girls. It’s like they found the most incompotant young girls and guys for this show. WAY TO GO!!!! The only one that is hurting here is the babies…

  • FU

    i know this is old but ashely wtf you know about depression? depression can actually make you do stupid shit cuz sometimes you cant even think right! i know excatlly what she was going threw and i hope everything is better now.

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