Nick Cannon: “Family Always Comes First”

Nick Cannon recently chatted to Parade magazine to gush about being a dad to twins Moroccan and Monroe and being married to his “phenomenal” wife Mariah Carey. The 31-year-old not only is a host of America’s Got Talent but also stars in the new comedy Up All Night as well as being the creator of the Teen Nick Halo Awards.

On being in the spotlight, he says they keep the focus on the family. He stated, “We don’t really think about that. Family always comes first. It’s not really about a balance act. Everything I do is for my family.”

To control photos of their children, they post personal ones on

He explained, “We didn’t want to sell pictures to a big fancy magazine photo shoot. I didn’t want to have to put pictures out there, but we wanted to do it on our own terms and in a regular way. All the photos you see on our blog are just family photos in the same way anybody else would do with their children. I thought that if you could see our pictures every day, than it’s not going to be this big phenomenon to see what they look like or have the paparazzi chasing us. We’re the ones giving you the pictures.”

With Christmas coming up, Cannon says their holiday celebration will just be bigger.

We’ll celebrate it the same way we always do, but it will probably be a little bigger this year because our family is bigger. We’ll just go somewhere and chill out and just enjoy each other. I mean, my wife is Miss Christmas, so it’s definitely going to be festive!”

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