James McAvoy: Fatherhood Has Made Me “More Efficient”

James McAvoy and wife Anne-Marie Duff welcomed son Brendan last year but have said little about their only child in order to keep him out of the public eye.

Now the X-Men: First Class star is opening up about his son and how being a first-time dad has changed his life. “He’s just gorgeous…I do feel my life’s completely expanded since he arrived,” James said. “I’ve become much more practical. And more efficient.”

“But your world narrows, and the things you devote your new-found efficiency to are less. There are less things that you give a s**t about.”

Regarding his efforts to keep Brendan shielded from paparazzi, James said this at a press junket earlier this year: “The hardest thing about being a dad in this business – the best way for me to be a good dad is not to talk about him. I’m so sorry. I realize that you guys are the people to talk to about babies, but if I want to get him papp’d and all that kind of stuff then I can start talking about him. And, if I don’t want to get him papp’d then I can’t talk about him. I’m so sorry. Thanks for understanding.”

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  • Carol

    Datz gud dud its aheart of agud dad

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