Rachel Zoe’s Trendy Tot Skyler

He’s getting so big!

Taking a cue from his fashion forward mama Rachel Zoe, 6-month-old Skyler was the picture of style as the pair, along with dad Rodger Berman, headed out in West Hollywood, California today (November 11). Love the berets!

Stylist to the stars, it sounds like Rachel has been laying down the law with her famous client Jennifer Garner lately. The Butter star, who is expecting baby #3, recently revealed:

Rachel is still determined not to put me in maternity clothes. I think she was so little when she was pregnant, she didn’t wear them. Sooner or later, she is going to have to put me in them! Eventually that’s going to happen, but so far she’s gotten her way!”

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Photo credit: GSI Media, Flynet

  • arabella

    Skyler is so adorable.

  • Rosy

    Skyler is such a beautiful wee man.

  • Heart

    Soo Beautiful skyler

  • Heart

    I love him so much he’s so cute

  • Mick

    Is it me or do husband and wife look remarkable similar? In that their faces look almost ragid with early aging.

    • Eva

      Ever had a baby? It’s called no sleep whatsoever! Studies show it’s not the actual amount of sleep, it’s the interruptions. So 8 hours but up twice is not as good as 6 or 7 straight.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know about that Mick. In any case, I think she’s at least a decade older and looks it!

  • Anonymous

    Is that a blanket around his neck or a horribly ridiculous “man scarf”? She obviously dresses him and turns him into a fashion victim (Roger), poor guy! She wore those hooker boots all through her pregnancy. The kid is pretty cute but is it just me or does she always seem like the most uncaring mother EVER? Seems like she’s more interested in what she dresses him in than smiling and cuddling with him. Out of all the pics on this site of her and the baby, she almost never smiles, she rarely holds him–it’s always someone else or he’s in his stroller, and she never has so much as a hint of affection in her body language. Roger is always holding him, cuddling him, etc., so thankfully has ONE loving parent! She needs to pull her head out of the sand she’s got it stuck in and realize there’s more to life than Missoni and Dior.

    • Anonymous

      the scarf is ridiculous in my opinion.

  • Best Regard

    I have to admit this is the most stunning male celeb baby that I have ever seen. His full set of hair, his gorgeous blue eyes and that face are stunning!

    • mia

      Except for his canckles. I know he is just a baby, but that kid has some serious FAT thighs/legs. Pipe down….I am not making fun on him. I think it’s super cute. But they are huge! Imagine changing his diaper! haha. Fu-munda!

  • Anonymous

    What a very odd woman. And people pay her to tell them what to wear? They must have more money than brains

  • Anonymous

    For an investment banker Berman appears to have a lot of time on his hands…………..he could do with a style makeover himself starting with the ratty haircut.

    • Anonymous

      I think it’s probably safe to say he’s a former Investment Banker. Who needs to work when you’ve got a Sugar Mama.

      • mia

        He is the President & CEO of “Rachel Zoe” brand. Just saying. He seems to be working a little bit when they show him on the reality show, but who knows.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t get it- I think her “style” is AWFUL- and everyone she “dresses” looks AWFUL . She looks like a haggard old scarecrow in her baggy clothes and as for her clients — that awful non-maternity dress she made Jennifer Gardner- wear last week on the red carpet- YUCK! Help me out here- does ANYONE know why this women is famous- or at least listened to

  • maribel

    Poor baby looks uncomfortable in that get up, it looks tight and restricitve and not even stylish. i bet he wishes he dad had dressed him more sensibly in jeans and a t-shirt.

  • SP

    Is it just my thinking, but doesn’t that baby look seriously underweight? Let’s hope she doesn’t end up starving him as well as herself. The baby does look kind of sickly and emanciated compared to other babies I know around the same age. Gosh she is a fugly HAGGGGGGGG.

    • Anonymous

      Sp, I was thinking the opposite – he looks rather chubby. Maybe she’s compensating for her own starvation by overfeeding her child. At any rate, he’s probably taking in more than her on a given day.

      • mia

        Thumbs up. That kid has the chubbiest thighs! 🙂

      • Anon-in-Denial

        You started with a rational statement, then added “maybe she’s compensating for her own starvation by overfeeding her child”. You are as idiotic as she is skinny. What the hell is wrong with you????????????

        • anonymous

          Troll much?

        • anonymous

          what are you in denial about? is your sign-on ID a pseudonym for RZ?

    • Anonymous

      No. Baby looks healthy and normal weight.

    • Anonymous

      SP, I have to agree with you about Zoe’s appearance – haggard, emaciated, etc., but her son looks like a normal, chubby baby. He’s probably on solids by now, which is more than I can say for her — feeding tube anyone?

    • Janna

      Troll much?

      • Louise

        what does that even mean?

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