Gloria Govan On “Shocking” Split With Matt Barnes, Co-Parenting Twin Boys

There have been lots of big changes for reality TV mama Gloria Govan! Last year, the mom-of-two talked to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her dream wedding to LA Lakers star Matt Barnes. Now the Basketball Wives LA star opens up about her “shocking” split from Matt and how they are co-parenting their 3-year-old twin boys Isaiah and Carter.

Gloria – who stars in tonight’s season finale of Basketball Wives LA – also opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her twins who are “so advanced” and love anything “sports-related,” her “passion” to star in “feature films,” and being “cool” with having “such mama’s boys.”

CBS: How is Basketball Wives LA different from the original Basketball Wives?

GG: “I think that it’s very different from the original one in terms of our dynamic and different relationships that we have on the show. We all have kids and we treat each other differently. And it’s not necessarily about nonchalant drama. I think we have real issues that we deal with and real concerns and situations within our relationships that we show people.”

CBS: What can we expect in the season finale?

GG: “I kept saying this, it’s like a mystery in terms of the show and how it played out with Jackie. I think that most people can kind of expect what’s coming. I’m trying to figure out how to tell you without giving it away. I can say I’m very proud of the way VH1 and the production team put it together. I think they left the audience on the edge of their seat. It really turned into a mystery, and I think it will really draw the audience to our show. It’s good, it’s really good. It definitely had me wanting to fast forward through the commercials. It’s dramatic, it’s fun!”

CBS: Do you get along with the other wives on the show? Any drama?

GG: “I do. I kind of play the same role I’ve been playing in the other seasons. I step back, and let the other girls do what they do. I had a little drama with Malaysia in beginning of the show, but we put that aside. I definitely now get along with all the other women. Jackie and my friendship is basically nonexistent now, but all the other wives I speak to — not on a daily basis, but definitely on good terms with them. I have no beef with anybody.”

CBS: Tell us about your recent split with Matt Barnes. How are you?

GG: “I think I’m handling it pretty well [laughs]. It’s obviously been an adjustment being in a relationship with one person for five years to being back on the scene. I’m not focused on or looking to date anybody right now. I’m just focused on my career and making a mark on feature films and in my community, and most importantly being a mom to my twin boys. I’m just keeping my head up and my mind strong and just moving forward. Isaiah and Carter are my first and only priorities, so I’m just focused on them right now. But it’s been a major adjustment. It’s definitely been, um, shocking.”

CBS: How old are your boys now? Are they old enough to realize what’s going on between you and Matt?

GG: “They just turned three on Sunday — and I feel like they are three going on 13. They are so advanced, and I think they definitely have an understanding of what’s going on. [They say:] ‘Mommy and daddy don’t live together. I’m going to daddy’s house today. I left my toy at daddy’s house.’ So I definitely think they, very much, are aware.

Matt and I continue to try to co-parent and make sure it doesn’t affect them more than it already has. We do our best to explain it to them. Kids aren’t stupid and they understand their surroundings and environments and changes and tension. So we try to explain it to them and show them the best of both worlds and give them as much love as possible.”

CBS: What are the boys into?

GG: “Oh my gosh, anything sports-related! It’s crazy, one is such a jock he loves anything; basketball, soccer, baseball, golf. And one is into cars, computers, and books. He’s into sports as well, but not as nearly much as the other one. They’re really boys. They love trains and dirt. They try to climb up trees now and pick worms out of the ground. They are the epitome of boys, it’s crazy. It’s fun though because I’m a tomboy – so it’s fun to be able to roughhouse with them. It’s cool.”

CBS: What has been your favorite part of being a mother?

GG: “Oh my God, I think it’s seeing them learn through you. Some of the things that come out of their mouth and their new discoveries for them. You sit back… some of the things they couldn’t do two weeks ago, they’ve mastered. You’re seeing them progress and develop; I think that’s the best part. I think the best part, too, for me is when they wake up in the morning and we all crawl in bed and we all cuddle and watch the 100th episode of Dora that we’ve seen. They’re my little boys, and they’re such mama’s boys — it’s really cool. They give hugs and kisses. It’s unconditional. I never knew I could give that much love. But I know now!”

CBS: We know you are very involved with charity work. Can you tell us some projects you’re working on?

GG: “I just got involved with a project called LACE – it’s Loving Abandoned Children Everywhere. This organization gives back 100% of all proceeds we raise. 100% goes to communities, to medical trips and sending doctors to third world countries. So I’m really proud and excited to be involved with LACE, because, obviously, I have kids and being able to help other kids in other countries and in our backyard is such a reward for me. So that’s the main organization I’m involved in right now.”

CBS: What’s up next for you?

GG: “A couple of things. I have so many things going on right now and launching next year. I’m hoping to be submitted for Dancing with the Stars and I’m continuing taking classes and lessons on acting now. I’m trying to making my mark in feature films, which is what I’m really interested in and what I have a passion for.”

CBS: Have you made holiday plans yet? Any special traditions that you carry in your family?

GG: “Last year I hosted my first Thanksgiving, which is cool. But this year, we have the opportunity to actually spend the holidays with our family which is nice because we haven’t spent a Christmas with the family in the last five years. So me and the boys are going to be heading up to the Bay area and are going to hang out my family. Everyone’s going to be there! My sister is flying in from Orlando, and my brother will be there. Everyone’s going to be coming into town with their kids. We’re all going to be staying at my parent’s house too, which is going to be hilarious. It’s going to be one big sleepover. I’m excited — I’m definitely going to be helping my mom in the kitchen.

We are doing a turkey giveaway in the Bay area as well. We were able to get 300 turkeys donated. We are going to be giving those away the day before Thanksgiving. And I’m going to have my kids there. I think it’s important for them to start seeing that they are blessed. Not everyone in their situation is as happy and successful as theirs. I think it’s never too late to show your kids to start appreciating what they have.”

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  • Anonymous

    Well, I knew that relationship was doomed when the wedding got “postponed” for no apparent reason and all sorts of nonsensical excuses were made about it. Then all the obvious lies about the DV incident when the cops were made it more clear. I’m sure it’s for the better that they have parted. The relationship was obviously in turmoil and thier children are better off not seeing that. At least not on a daily basis.

  • Anonymous

    First of all, Matt Barnes is NOT a “star”. Secondly, he probably cheated on her because most of them are known for that. Lastly, she’s better off without him.

    • Anonymous

      they broke up in may. she postponed the news to make it public just for her show and to make it SEEM like Barnes was cheating on her. You girls eat this shit up LOL

    • Anonymous

      more of a star than her. he’s the reason why she has a tv show

  • Anonymous9

    He was a nice clean-cut kid when he played for the Kings; now he’s covered in tats and looks like the rest of the NBA thugs. Too bad.

  • Anonymous

    Gloria full of shit!!!! She basically saying she can’t focus on her career with matt in the picture, shit Matt the one that gave her a career, now that it’s starting to take off she want to leave! Full of shit!!!!!!!!!

  • Mandy Pray

    its obvious she is better off w/ out him!…i cnt stand a liar n a cheater!..Good girls always finish last…stay strong Gloria..he will be regreting what he lost if he dsnt already!!!!

    • Anonymous

      you know the break up was mutual right? they broke up in may, she decided to postpone the news just for her show so they can spin it off as if she got cheated on and is the victim. you girls love the drama…

    • Anonymous

      She was suspected of cheating also. She also used him to up her career, so I think I am on Matt’s side. He has talent and he is a good guy.

  • rina

    Gloria, the reality is that you most likely will not be on DWTS and it is doubtful that you will have a career in films. You’re delusional and perhaps it is time for you to get a real job….bball lockout means no $$$$$. You are just another bball baby’s momma…not a legit celebrity. Basketball wives la is just a lame show about a bunch of second rate wannabes…

    • Anonymous

      stfu!!! your nobody u dumb ass!!! no one even knows you cuz u dont exist atleast her name pops out on google immidiately! so stfu

      • Luna

        Lol it’s funny how you are so mad at rina you should be mad at yourself for not knowing how to spell

  • Olivia

    Gloria you are so very mature for your age! I love you and your beautiful twin boys!!! You and Matt are great parents, and whatever you guys decide to do with your future later on down the line, I wish both of you the best!

  • Anonymous

    What made you think Matt would marry you Gloria. It does not take a man 5 years to find out he is in love. Instead of giving turkey’s away to set a good example for your boys you should have married Matt. Anyway you better get a real job as someone mentioned on this site because acting you can’t what can you do? You knock down Draya she is attractive and knows what she can do.

  • Anonymous

    She only ended their relationship because of her newly found fame. When everyone forgets who she is, she’ll be running right back to Matt!!!

  • Anonymous

    I have come to have a better respect for Gloria. She is very young and raising her sons and trying to step out on her own to find herself and a new career. I hope that your dreams do come true. God luck to you with whatever you do.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    He only stayed with her so she could up her career. She is a selfish bitch. She doesnt deserve him.

  • Anonymous

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