Shayne Lamas & Husband Welcome Baby No. 1: Press Dahl Lamas-Richie!

Congrats are in order for Shayne Lamas and her husband Nik Richie!

The happy couple welcomed their daughter Press Dahl Lamas-Richie on Friday (November 11), E! Online confirms.

“The delivery was intense,” continues the newly minted father. “Shayne was in labor for over 10 hours. Her contractions were a nightmare. Shayne is glowing and I am truly proud of her.”

The couple – who were hoping their daughter would make her debut on the cosmically important 11/11/11 – eloped back in 2010.

Congrats again to the new parents!

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  • Anonymous

    10 hours? try 46. honestly, I am shocked they are still together, but good for them.

    • Janna

      You think he’s lying about how long she was in labor???

      • matoria

        I think they were trying to say 10 hours is not that long to be in labor.

      • Sophia

        I don’t think Anonymous is saying that at all. I think they’re saying that 10 hours isn’t a “long labour”, 46 hours is. And I agree. 10 hours sounds pretty standard to me.

        • Anonymous

          lol, yes, exactly! my labor was 46 hours. not trying to brag (who would! it was miserable!), I just think it’s funny he makes it sound like 10 hours is brutal or something. that is actually pretty standard or on the short side for a normal first labor/birth.

          • Anonymous

            10 hours IS along time when you’re in labor. 46 hours is an even LONGER time. Sounds brutal. But come on, it’s not a contest!

            His wife was in labor for 10 intense hours. He’s allowed to comment on that without someone trying to one up him. Sheesh. He made it sound like it was a long time because it WAS a long time…. to him!

  • Luisa

    Press Dahl???? :O

  • Anonymous

    they just seem to be a yucky couple ….

  • AvaElizabeth

    Press Dahl? What is that for a name? I find it horrible. omg!

  • Anonymous

    Dahl is her grandmother’s last name (the late Arlene Dahl), who was Lorenzo Lamas’ mother.

  • Anonymous9

    Poor kid. How’d you like to grow up in that household; or should I say both those households since mom and dad won’t be together six months from now.

  • arabella

    stupid name

  • Anonymous

    Press? Are they hinting they want the paps to take pictures or what?

  • Anonymous

    Very stupid name but then again that’s the way it is in Hollyweird. Everyone tries to out-do each other and pick the dumbest name.

  • melo1983

    Aw she named her daughter after her favorite thing :]

  • Anonymous

    The name reminds me of the champagne “Cristal” when you say it quickly. Not a fan, but not my kid. Best of luck to them.

  • Anonymous

    The stupidest name in Hollywood. THE STUPIDEST! And she has openly said she had a SCHEDULED c-section so he is full of crap about the 10 hours!

  • Julianne

    Press , pressssss? HOW COULD YOU EVER NAME A KID PRESS?

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