Jennifer Garner & Seraphina: Craving Coffee In Santa Monica

It was another Starbucks run for Jennifer Garner in Santa Monica, Calif. on Tuesday (November 15). The pregnant Butter star had Seraphina with her for the java trip.

It must be nice for the 2-year-old to have mom all to herself while big sister Violet is in school. The pair were last seen a few days ago running errands in Pacific Palisades.

It’s been said that Jennifer has been indulging in sweet snacks during her pregnancy.

A source told In Touch, “Her pregnancy cravings are cookies and cheese puffs. She knows those calories add up!”

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Photo credit: Flynet


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  1. Anonymous

    Her daughters both have massive feet!

  2. Anonymous

    Seraphina And Violet Shoud Definitely Start Dying Their Hair Color Reddish Brown/Brunette Hair And Seraphina Should Definitely Start Wearing High Heels By The Time She’s About 8 Years Old Along With Violet She Should Definitely Start Wearing High Heels Too

  3. Anonymous

    It’s just odd that this actress and her kids go for coffee nearly EVERY DAY. If it were me, and I knew I’d have my picture taken, I’d just invest in a really good coffee maker at home. It’s almost like she WANTS the attention b/c she has to know she will be photographed.

    • Anonymous

      I notice this with a lot of other celebs too and don’t get it. It seems like a major (unnecessary) pain in the ass to go to a coffee shop where paps will be swarming you and following you – not to mention regular folks gaping at you.

      Throw a kid or two into the equation and it’s a headache waiting to happen – I am not a celebrity, but if I can avoid bringing the kids into Starbucks I will – too much running around, touching things, etc.

    • Anonymous

      There are many reasons people go out for coffee. Some people do actually like the specific taste of Starbucks, and can’t replicate it themselves at home. Fancy drinks like lattes and cappuccinos aren’t that easy to make yourself, even with a good machine. If you make it yourself, then you have to clean up afterward as well, which many people do not want to do. Maybe she wants to get her coffee and drink it slowly, and bring it with her wherever she is going next, and doesn’t want to have to carry around a non-disposable cup with her.

      Obviously you have your preference that you would not want to be photographed all the time. But wanting attention is not the only explanation for someone who goes out for coffee. Did you ever think she just doesn’t care? That she has just said, I’m not going to let the paps dictate how I live my life, and I want to get my coffee at Starbucks, and if they take my picture, so be it? Of course, if you ever admitted that you wouldn’t get to feel better about yourself by tearing someone else down.

  4. Moungrel

    To Anonymous @ 8:00 – Geez, it’s not like Seraphina can hear the comments. Lighten up, will ya?

  5. Anonymous

    Sera and violet are adorable, sera looks a lot like Ben and their baby brother is going to be adorable too. Jen looks great.

  6. Rashelle-Averi

    They are really good parents. Cant wait to see if this one looks like Ben like Seraphina and Violet do.

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