Royal Insiders Defuse Baby Rumors

Despite recent baby buzz sparked by the seemingly innocent refusal of a peanut-based snack, royal insiders say that Kate Middleton and Prince William definitely are not expecting a baby right now, but they hope to hear the pitter-patter of little feet around the palace very soon!

“There have been reports to the contrary worldwide, but the fact is that the Duchess of Cambridge is not pregnant,” a source tells E!, adding that Kate is absolutely ready for motherhood.

According to palace aides, the couple has put their baby plans on hold because of Prince William’s upcoming military duty; another telltale sign that Kate is not currently pregnant.

“Prince William will be on active military duty in the Falkland Islands from early in the New Year, and there is no earthly way he would be assigned 8,000 miles from home if the Duchess of Cambridge were expecting,” a second source tells E!.

So, no royal bump watch just yet. Although, there are some who feel that it might be exactly what the country needs right now.

“Wouldn’t it be wonderful, in these days of economic gloom, for an announcement to come shortly? I think it would be a terrific morale booster for the whole country,” a royal insider tells E!, assuring everyone that when it’s time for such an announcement, “There aren’t going to be any leaks.” The news will come directly from Celebrity Baby Scoop — er, Kensington Palace.

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    “Royal Insiders” talking to entertainment reporters… Really now… LMAO…..

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