Bryce Dallas Howard: Getting Close!

Twilight star Bryce Dallas Howard was simply radiant at the premiere of When You Find Me in New York City on Tuesday (November 15). The expectant actress posed for pics alongside her actor/director father, Ron Howard, and her actor grandfather, Rance Howard.

Ron opened up about the “profound” experience of being a grandfather. “My daughter Bryce has a son who’s almost three,” the Happy Days star said. “And I love being with him. I didn’t remotely understand how profound the experience of being a grandparent is until you become one. It’s interesting, when you become a grandparent you start bumping into other folks who have had that experience. And there’s this sort of wink and a nod like it’s sort of a club or something.”

Bryce, 30, is expecting her second child with husband, Fringe actor Seth Gabel, later this year.

The couple, who were wed in 2006, are already parents to 4-year-old son Theo.

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  • Anonymous

    When are the babies due?

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, but that’s a terrible outfit.

    And is Theo 3 or 4, Ron said he was almost 3, but CBS says he’s 4

    • Anonymous

      so, who do you believe?

      • Anonymous

        Both of you geniuses need to pay closer attention. The quote from Ron Howard was made in March 2010, a year and a half ago. Just click on the linked article. As always, math is hard.

        • anonymous

          so is understanding sarcasm, apparently.

          • Janna

            Why can’t people post under a name besides “Anonymous”?

            It makes it really hard to read these threads because it literally looks like you’re arguing with yourself!

        • Anonymous


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