Jeffrey Dean Morgan On Fatherhood: “It’s Been Spectacular”

Jeffrey Dean Morgan and girlfriend Hilarie Burton welcomed a son in March of 2010 and since then have divulged little about him, even refusing to reveal the now 20-month-old’s name.

But the Grey’s Anatomy actor is finally opening up about the toddler, who is called Gus. “He just said ‘no’ for the first time, which is f**ked up,” Jeffrey laughed. “In one week it’s just like, ‘No, no, no!’ But everything is a first. It’s been spectacular.”

Chatting with E! Online at the Los Angeles premiere of the new Twilight film Breaking Dawn, Jeffrey added, “(Life is) a lot of not sleeping, and then our one adult night we come here… this is our date. Can you believe it?”

Gus is the first child for Hilarie and the second for Jeffrey. The actor also has a son with ex-girlfriend Sherrie Rose.

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  • klutzy_girl

    JDM has revealed Gus’ name before and even talked about him on Craig Ferguson a few weeks ago – His full name is Augustus!

    He and Hilarie are so adorable! I love them together.

    And I’m not sure if I believe that story about that kid with the ex-girlfriend. I think he’d have mentioned it by now if it was true.

  • Anonymous

    Grey’s Anatomy star?? I don’t watch the show anymore, but I thought he was killed off years ago.

  • Anonymous

    Is it just me?..I keep getting a Javier Bardem vibe from him..Always mix them up! LOL!

    • Lioness

      No, definitely not just you- I read the headline at first and thought, “Jeffrey Dean Morgan- huh? They messed up the name, isn’t that Javier Bardem??” They definitely look alike, lol

      • Anonymous

        Lioness, where have you been? Nice to have you back. 🙂

  • Glossy

    These two are as fake as the day is long! JDM actually revealed the kids name a year ago on the Late Late Show. She has never tried to protect the kid, and neither has he. In fact, she did her best to make sure everyone knew about the baby but she knew that the longer she kept the mystery, the more attention she would get!

  • CommonSense

    If people were in their shoes, and celebrities in general, having to deal with crazy stalker types and nosey no lifes who have nothing better to do than snipe, they’d probably understand why many celebs are so protective of their private lives these days. Just because you put your face on a tv or movie screen does not mean you have to invite people into your home and family.

    • UnCommonSense

      And yet, there they are, NOT being private or protective at all (not that they ever really were). It’s all in the name of getting face time and story space in newspapers and websites across the world. These are NOT private people who are being preyed upon by the public or media. If they were they wouldn’t have gone to one of the biggest movie premieres of the year (a movie that neither of them starred in btw) to pose for photographers and talk to the media about their baby.

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