Report: Kate Middleton Is Pregnant!

Nearly seven months after their royal wedding, Prince William and Kate Middleton have an even bigger reason to celebrate. In Touch reports that Kate is around six weeks pregnant with their first child — and she and William couldn’t be more relieved.

“Since before they even got married, it’s been made clear to William and Kate that having children should be their number-one priority,” a royal source says, adding that Queen Elizabeth II has been dropping several hints about wanting a great-grandchild and an heir to the throne.

According to the palace insider – who, in the past, has revealed other royal secrets, including their honeymoon location and the queen’s wedding gift to Kate – the gorgeous brunette is definitely pregnant and is preparing accordingly.

Reportedly, not just one royal nursery, but three of them, are in the works. One is in Nottingham Cottage where Kate and William have been staying, another in their home in Wales and yet another at Kensington Palace, which is undergoing a major refurbishment.

And even though Kate is early only in the first trimester, they’re said to have already picked out names. “They want something traditional,” the source reveals. “Edward, Philip and Michael are likely choices for a boy, or Alice or Rose for a girl.” The young couple want to give their little one a name that’s fit for a king or a queen. Since rules were updated so that the firstborn child of the prince wouldn’t have to be male to inherit the throne, William is said to be secretly hoping for a daughter. “He’s very much his mother’s son, and he also knows that his father, Prince Charles, would like a granddaughter,” the insider says, adding that Kate agrees. “She’s happiest when William is happy.”f

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  • klutzy_girl

    I honestly doubt this for several reasons

    A) The palace would announce first
    B) William’s going away for a little while for the army, and it was pointed out that he wouldn’t be doing so if Kate was pregnant!
    C) There’s rumors all the time.

    So, no, not believing it.

    • klutzy_girl

      And D) Let’s not forget this is from In Touch, which isn’t exactly known as a beacon for reliable reporting.

  • Anonymous

    Ok…. 🙂

  • Me123

    These rumors have been debunked several times. In fact, just yesterday someone who works for the royal palace said they are false.

  • Klutzy_girl

    I’m an idiot…. Thank You….

  • Anonymous

    Intouch Magazine is becoming like Star Magazine & the Enquirer.

    • Anonymous

      You mean a tabloid rag? Yep.

  • Anonymous

    You know her name isn’t “Kate Middleton” anymore, right? Just because the article you’re quoting from writes it incorrectly, doesn’t mean you should as well. It’s still wrong.

  • AvaElizabeth

    Klutzy I have the same opinion that you have.
    I’m sure, she’s not pregnant.
    And why are you an idiot?
    Me123 said the same like you, nothing else 🙂

    • klutzy_girl

      LOL, the idiot comment was not from me, which is just a teensy bit creepy.

      • Anonymous

        what i find a teensy bit creepy is your encyclopedic knowledge of everything pertaining to every celebrity. are you a publicist or merely an obsessed (stalker?) fan?

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s really irresponsible to post this with a source like US Weekly. Especially for this particular couple. Jennifer Aniston should have 3 kids by now according to this rag. Just wait for the palace to announce it for crying out loud.

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t they just debunk this rumor?

  • ChiTownEggHead

    You don’t believe it?! But its coming from such a reliable media outlet.

  • Anonymous

    It was announced yesterday that she is not pregnant. This statement is false.

  • Iris

    Well every now and then we hear rumors of Kate being pregnant. I dont believe it unless the palace confirms this. If its true; congrats.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I agree that this is entirely false added to which the Queen already has a great granchild and another on the way – i seriously doubt she “dropped hints”.

  • lori

    UH no she is not. This is as real as Kim Kardashian loving Humphries and their true love.

  • Anonymous

    Give them a break and quit making up stuff.

  • Anonymous

    I find it hard to believe someone who is so severely underweight is even capable of conceiving! Anyway, apparently a “palace source” denied it but it was NOT an official denial/rep from the palace. So who knows…. doubtful but you really never know. Just cuz she refused those peanuts a couple weeks ago doesn’t mean she’s pregnant!

    • Anonymous

      Nice to see someone else with a modicum of intelligence! Unless she relies on some form of medical intervention (IVF, hormones) there is a snowball’s chance she could conceive being that emaciated.

    • Janna

      Do you know how much she weighs? Or how much she should weigh? Have you done an in-depth reproductive examination of her? If not, then how do you know she is “severely underweight” and/or not “capable of conceiving”?

      I’m really tired of these boards being filled with internet-doctors and just plain mean-spirited people who attack others. Why do you do it? What’s in it for you? Does it REALLY make you feel good or is criticizing other people a way to make yourself feel better?

      • Anonymous

        This is a celebrity gossip site, not the NY Times — i.e. not meant to be taken seriously and a place for people to express their opinions, however lame.

        You take this stuff way too seriously. For the record, anyone with functioning eyes can tell that Kate has lost a noticeable amount of weight.

        • Anon2

          Seems to me that Janna is just expressing hers, so why are you taking her so seriously?

        • Qtpies7

          She could be losing weight from being pregnant, you know, that pesky morning sickness and all. lol

      • anonymous

        I think Janna needs to fix herself a good stiff drink!

      • Carey

        You don’t know anything about Kate. We all don’t know anything about her.

        I really hope Kate isn’t pregnant because her child will become an obsession for women who are unhappy with their own kids. I see it happening with the kids of other celebrities, Gisele Bundchen’s son is an example everyone here wants to be his mommy.

        Kate should accomplish anything she wants before dedicating her life to someone else who will need her all the time.

  • Hannah.J

    When Buckingham Palace announces Kate is pregnant then I will believe it till then she is not pregnant.

  • Country girl

    Irresponsible reporting! She is not pregnant

  • R2D2

    This could very well be true. We’ll know in 6wks if the palace makes an announcement. GMA ran this report this morning, FOX news also reported the story.

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