Amy Adams: Sleep Deprivation Is Making Me Go “Crazy”

Every new parent is familiar with the sleepless nights that go along with having a small child, and Amy Adams is no exception. The Muppets star says that since having daughter Aviana 18-months ago the lack of sleep is taking its toll.

“I Googled sleep psychosis because I thought I was going crazy,” she says. “I mean sleep-deprivation psychosis; I can’t even remember what it’s called now. I’m exhausted.”

Another thing that’s making Amy tired: hearing other parents brag about how well their children sleep. “When you’re a mom you hear lots of comparison stories from other moms; I just try not to talk to other moms,” she laughs.

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  • Janna

    Why is she still sleep-deprived, 18 months later??

    • Anonymous

      maybe the child still wakes up a lot during the night and mom tends to her?

    • Anonymous

      that’s what i was wondering……the kid is 18 months old, time to turn the baby monitor off. she needs to learn to self-sooth already….

    • Rosy

      It’s not unheard of, a lot of children won’t sleep through even at 3.

      • TheBraxtons

        Hate to break this to you, but if your kid isn’t sleeping through the night by 18 months (never mind 3 whole years!), there’s something wrong with both of you.

        • Anonymous

          not it isn’t doctor.

          • Anonymous

            Sorry, Braxton is right. There’s no reason for a 18-month old to not be sleeping through the night. And a 3-year old should have been doing it long ago. Why would people think it’s normal to not sleep? You’re harming yourself and your child!

    • Anonymous

      I’m constantly sleep-deprived and I don’t even have any kids. Kids aren’t the only reason people don’t get enough sleep.

      • Anonymous1

        Maybe not, but it’s the reason SHE is talking about.

  • Anonymous

    I’m still sleep deprived and my son is 4.5 years old. We never sleep trained him properly and he still wakes up every night. I don’t think I’ve had more than 10 nights of uninterrupted sleep since he was born. I can relate to what she is going through. Hopefully, she’ll get sleep sooner than I have.

    • Janna

      There are dozens of methods you can use to help train your child to sleep. I hope that you find one that works for you, you poor thing, because that’s no way to live.

      • anonymous

        Are you being sincere or sarcastic?

  • Anonymous

    My child is 15 months and still wakes up 2-3 times per night! Very sleep deprived by now!! Not all babies have the same needs for sleep and not all have an “easy going” temperment. Also being educated in child development, I do not do the “cry it out” method

    • TheBraxtons

      So it’s better for your child’s development to go without proper sleep? Bullsh*t!!!

    • Anonymous

      I agree, cry it out it’s cruel and damaging for the young developing brain.

  • Anonymous

    I am also educated in child development and the “cry it out” method is the only way to get everybody some sleep. Babies who sleep less are more prone to illness as well as behavior issues. All babies are capable of sleeping through the night by the time they weigh 15 pounds.

    • Sophia

      There is also research that shows how damaging it can be to babies if they are constantly left to “cry it out” on their own. If a child is crying there’s usually something wrong, so to leave him or her distressed, by themselves and in the dark is kind of cruel. Obviously there’s a limit and of course it’s not all about the baby and parents do need sleep, but personally I’m really not a fan of the self-soothing/control-crying approach to parenting. To each their own though.

    • Lioness

      ‘the “cry it out” method is the only way to get everybody some sleep’

      Very generic statement. I don’t believe in the “cry-it-out” method either, and my 4-month-old sleeps through the night. The only time he wakes is when he didn’t get enough to eat during the day and he’s hungry. So after feeding him and laying him down, if he cried, we’d let him cry for 5 minutes- just 5 minutes. If he didn’t stop, we’d go and calm him, lay him back down, and start over again. It took a few tries, but after a bit, he didn’t cry and just “talked” himself to sleep. I was advised to let him cry it out- I tried it once, and my son did not seem right when I finally went to pick him up. I vowed never to do it again. There are different ways to do things- my parents are from Nigeria, and in Nigerian culture, crying it out is raaaaaaarrre… it just isn’t the way things are done. In Nigeria, you soothe crying babies, cuz babies cry for a reason. It worked for me and my sisters (we slept through the night as babies), and it seems to be working for my own child, so to each his own. You do whatever works.

  • naomi

    No crying it out for me either! It makes me feel like the child falls into a state of collapse. For my child, that is. So, maybe sleep psychosis is the new black! ha.

  • SMH

    Well this subject is def. a to each their own. However parents under estimate the intelligence of young children. All they’re doing is training you to do what they want you to do!
    Most peds will tell you that after a year old even before a year it’s fine to let them cry it out. As long as they’re not sick or hurt they need to learn to find a way to self sooth and fall back asleep. I agree not all kids are sleepers. My niece is 6 and still has a tendency to wake up and crawl in her parents bed bc as a baby they’d always bring her in bed if she woke up in the middle of the night. But they learned by baby #2 they were not making the same mistake.
    Most parents want sleep so they think this is the “easier” way of doing things is to quickly get baby back to sleep by doing whatever works. But in fact it’s only creating worse problems for you the parent down the road. It’s hard to hear them cry and even call out your name but at some point you got to just tune it all out the best you can! And if you can’t well then I guess your sleep isn’t as important as you want it to be 🙂

  • Rysenga1981

    I feel ya Amy!!! People say “let them cry it out and they will eventually learn” and that may be true for 90% of babies out there, but my son was a “bad sleeper” and a “good eater” from day one, and he is now 2 and only waking up once a night- which is a HUGE victory for us!!! All Moms need to remember- every baby is different, so don’t get all hateful to some moms because their kid doesn’t do things the way your kid did it…

  • Anonymous

    Ok. With my first. She slept with us in our bed(safely!)
    Until four months. I wasn’t getting any sleep. We did the
    cry it out thing. Horrible. But she slept in her own room
    until…..she could get out and make her way to ours. She was
    back with us off and on until kindergarten. We told her
    school nights in your own room. And let her come in
    Sometimes on weekends. Needless to say she is 11 today
    And who would of guessed a sound sleeper. This bs about
    training your kid or harming sleep for future is just that. Bs
    All that matters is security. My daughter is confident happy.
    I do credit our bonding and yes co sleeping for part of that
    Fast forward. We have a almost two year old boy. He gets
    Put in bed awake. No problem. Gladly goes to sleep. But he
    Wakes up practically every night. Sometimes it’s 4 in the
    morning. When he does he screams like he’s being attacked
    Now, he could be playing me. But if he is. You know why?
    Because he wants to be with us. And yep. I oblige. Because
    Whether it’s when he goes to kindergarten or two months from
    now. At some point he won’t be coming in. But right now
    It’s where he needs to be. And yes wants to be. Pretty sure
    If history serves he’s going to be just fine. A sound sleeper
    Just like my daughter.

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